Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just checking in

It's been a crazy week full of happenings. My Mom has been here this week and we have been visiting, shopping and organinizing a LOT. Not to mention that school started Tuesday and soccer started this week so we are doing a LOT of running, too.

AND Guess what?!!? Guess who turned ONE today?!!? I can't believe this sweet boy is a whole year old!!

I'll be back to tell ya'll all about these things as soon as possible.....but with a party to put together for said birthday boy and lots to get done to prepare for that and soccer might just be next week.

But I will be back! Can't wait to visit with ya'll again soon!

in HIM -


Lisa said...

No way is that baby boy 1!!!


Sherry said...

A year old, already? How time flies. He is a cutie!

TJ said...

Happy Birthday to him! I hope he has a wonderful time at his party.