Monday, August 3, 2009


When the Deeper Still Event was over on Saturday and my friends and I had finished eating supper , and I started the long drive back home, I called my husband.

Hubs said, "You have B tonight."

I knew that meant that B hadn't slept well the night before, but I asked anyway...."He didn't sleep good last night?" (I know that sentence is grammatically incorrect, but sometimes I talk that way).

He said, "No. He was up and down a lot and I think that he is running a little fever."

So. When I got home and checked on him I saw that he was ,indeed, running a fever. It was 101.5.....not too bad. So I gave him Tylenol and put him to bed with me and hubs slept else where so he could get a good nights sleep for church the next day.
B had fever all day yesterday but it never got above 101.5 and during the middle of the night last night it was only 99.9.....I thought "Good, maybe we are not going to have to go to the dr."

This morning however, he still had a fever so I decided to take him in to the dr. At the dr. office his fever was 103.9!!! YIKES.
The dr. checked him over and said that his ears looked dull and she was going to give him Amoxicillin just in case he was beginning to get an ear infection. "But," she said, " I don't think that a beginning ear infection should cause a fever of 103.9 so, if he isn't improving in a couple of days bring him back and we will test him for the flu."

YOU know what is coming don't you?
I asked her to just go ahead and run the test so we would know....and you guessed it my baby boy tested positive for the flu. And it is flu type A.....

This is where the chaos ensues....
My girls were supposed to go to my in-laws for the week, but since we have flu in our house and no one wants the flu-- that probably isn't going to happen. Which set everyone to crying. They were so looking forward to it.
Miss M. was to have a family birthday party this coming Saturday and now that is also up in the air. Again crying all around. M's 6th birthday was yesterday....another post to get to this week, hopefully.

AND! my anxiety is through the roof....I mean hello!!! it could be the H1N1 thing and I am NOT happy about that. Not to mention the fact that having any sort of flu at the age of 11 months isn't the best thing.

SO, $150 LATER - We now have 7 prescriptions....B has the amoxicillin and there is tamiflu all around.

And my poor baby boy is laying here in my lap not feeling well.....
I hope to get back to tell ya'll how wonderful the Deeper Still event was but with all the disinfecting, medicating, and holding the baby I'm going to be doing-- I don't know when that will be.
Say a prayer for us will you? That B will get better not worse. That the rest of us don't already have it and that we won't get it.....

Thanks everyone!
Have a great day.
in HIM -


Kandi said...

I thought I worried a lot!! I'm so glad to have a fellow friend with the same worries and anxieties I have! It means we can help each other through these times.

A said no H1N1 in WNC so you can ease your worries about that strain, ok???

Deidre said...

Oh no, I'm sorry Mindy. It's not fun when your baby is so sick. Hopefully, if all of you are already taking Tamiflu, you won't get it, right?

Wish I could've seen you this weekend. Hope you had a great time.

Lisa said...

YIKES! I hope that B doesn't share his illness. ((hugs))

Wendy said...

One of Julie's kids had the flu last school year and took tamiflu and it worked really well. Hope he feels better soon.
We DO still want the "L." I figured you would get to it when you could.Let me know if you want to mail it or what. I may be wanting some more bows for the upcoming holidays too! :)