Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost a Week Later

I'd like to share our last weekend with you all.

Three years ago, God moved my family from the comfort of our home in Belmont, NC (near the big city of Charlotte) to Drexel, NC (30 minutes from the much smaller city of Hickory). It was a BIG change for us and a very hard move. A was 4 at the time and we were able to get her into a preschool program through the public school system. It was part of the "More At Four" program and in this county, once all the "free" positions were filled - the rest were filled with "paying" positions. So, A got to go.
A made a friend in short order once school started and she and A became best buddies. When I met A's mom, I found that they too had just moved to town about the same time we did. It was nice to meet someone who was as new are we were. In a small place like Drexel, most of the people have always been there and know one another well, and it is hard being the newcomers.

For two years A and A were in the same classes at school and were the best of friends. They even began attending our church. This couple also had another daughter who was L's age named L. Isn't it funny they are the same age and share the same initials?

Anyway - my girls have missed A and L and we were so happy when they came to visit us last weekend. Here are some pictures of our weekend!

They arrived Saturday at about 11AM. We visited for a bit and then we went to lunch and to see "Willy Wonka, Jr" which was being put on by our local Performing Arts Studio. And let me just stop here and say they did a FABULOUS job.

After the show, we came home and the girls put on a play of their own for us. Miss A (to the right) was the director, and the other four girls were in the "show".

There was Cinderella, two Ariels, and M was a fancy cat of some sort....Mostly they giggled, as girls do, so we didn't really get the story line very well.

Later on we did a supper of Hotdogs and Burgers on the grill. After supper we went downtown to the Music in the Park that our town is doing. They are doing it every Saturday night in August. We will definitely go back, it was so much fun.

That particular night there was a brass ensemble playing. They allowed the children to come up and direct a song with them. 3 of 5 of our girls went up to do it. Here is my L helping out.

Here is a pic. of A and A hanging out.

We got soft drinks at one point for the kids....a nice lady just let us have them....B loved the Sunkist!

At one point the group took a break and some of the local college students let the kids come up and take a turn at playing their instruments. Here is Miss M. playing a French Horn....

And I just liked this shot of K and B, so I just wanted to share it.

On Sunday, they joined us for church and we had lunch together and played for a while longer.

Then it was time to leave.....

Here is a shot of all the girls together....

Still the best of friends!

It was a sad good-bye. Miss A cried for about 20 minutes. We can wait til you visit again T family!!!
Ya'll have a great weekend!
See ya next week !

in HIM -

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Lisa said...

So fun! The girls are getting SO big!

Did you hear that Keli has BIG news?

Deidre said...

Okay .. guess what? My O is in gymnastics with A. Didn't realize that til I just saw the Mom's picture. Isn't that funny????