Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Advantages of Small Town Living

I tend to be a pessimist. I really hate that about myself but it is something that I have come to understand about myself. I am trying to get better at seeing the positives. The silver lining as it were.

I grew up in a very small town....not even a town -- it was a community on top of a mountain and until I got engaged to hubs, I thought I'd always be there. I loved it there.
Then I moved to Belmont, NC -- which at this point is basically a suburb of Charlotte. We lived in Belmont for 7 years (Hubs actually lived there 8) and I got so comfortable there. I could be at 3 malls all in about 30 minutes. I had my pick of restaurants to eat at and every store imaginable to shop at.

Then ---- we moved. And we moved to the country. Now, seeing as how I grew up 'way out in the country', you'd think that it wouldn't be hard for me, but it was. I was still only 30 minutes from a mall -- but I just gotta be honest and say--it wasn't like my Charlotte Malls......

Anyway, we moved again about a year ago and now we live in the a very small town. I'm now an hour away from the closest mall and the only shopping place in town is W*ally World..... And there is a limited number of restaurants.

SO, in light of my looking for the silver lining, I'd like to share with you one of the advantages of small town living......Last week, hubs and I went to the movies in the next little town over.....Guess what!!!! Our tickets -- $3 each! And refreshments were $8. Seriously! For $14 - hubs and I saw a first run movie and had popcorn and drinks! That is unheard of these days. I LOVE THAT.

I also am loving lots of other things about this little town. The view of the mountains is priceless. The shops downtown are great. The restaurants are feeling comfy as we become 'regulars' there.

I am really enjoying learning to see the silver lining!
Have a great Wednesday. I'm going to get my hair done and who doesn't love that?!!?
Then we gotta make that hour trip to the mall to do some exchanging -- but while I'm in the bigger city -- I'll be going to Tar*get, too =)
AND - the silver lining of having to travel 45 minutes/1 hour both ways ---- we get to eat out while we are there because we won't be able to get there and back in time for supper. =)

in HIM -


"Rachel" said...

I was raised in a very, very small town, then up an moved to the "big city" when I got married. It used to be a 30 minute drive to another city to go to the mall; now it still takes me 30 minutes but that's all in traffic and expressways and congestion. As much as I love living in the city, there are many days that I wish for my little hometown and the get-anywhere-in-five-minutes life. Well, as long as "anywhere" is Wally World or the post office. :)

Cheryl said...

Sounds alot like where we live! Except for the movie theater, ours is the high price like others!

Kandi said...

And the best thing about small town living is that "everyone knows your name"!! Hope your Aville trip was productive!!