Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Day and Deeper Still!

Today was really busy in a I didn't do that much kind of way. I got up early did the second to last day of my bible study (it was so good and I am soooo sad that it is almost over), and then I went walking with a couple of great girls. They are such sweet friends to me! Especially since after I left to come back home, I realized that I chattered the whole time we walked and they were content to just listen. =)
Then I did have just a bit of down time when I really should have been cleaning house.....but I didn't -- I caught up on my blog reading a little bit and looked at some super cute idea's for the birthday's we've got coming up in our house. Then I took a bath.
By then, it was time for an early lunch. After our early lunch, I got everyone ready to go to the city pool, drove over and picked up a friend and then drove back to the pool, and it was closed. And just in case anyone who runs our towns rec. dept. is reading this, I will now lodge my complaint...
Dear Rec. Dept,
Sprinkling is not raining! Nor is it a reason to close the pool!!!! I bought a season pass to your establishment and since you were closed today, I had to drive my gaggle of children over to the next town and pay$12.50 for us to go swimming there, only to stay for 1.5 hours before my baby needed to come home to have a bottle.....I mean really! Next time, just admit that you simply choose to stay closed today.....sprinkling? What in the world?!!?

Ahem....thanks for the aside there.
So, after the pool debacle, I came home and finished making supper. Chicken taco's -- YUM!!
And now, I am sitting here making my list of things I have to accomplish before heading out of town tomorrow.

Where am I going?

Well, I am just tickled pink to tell you that I am heading out tomorrow to go to The Deeper Still Conference. I'm squealing in my head even as I write this! I am driving there tomorrow alone (which doesn't make me squeal b/c I don't like driving in cities that I don't know well)-- and then I will check myself into my hotel room where I will have a big KING size bed all to myself tomorrow night! I mean -- not only do I get to see Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arther, (that alone is awesome), I also get to meet up with some of my favorite girlfriends when I get there and we get to have an evening and a whole day of worship and fellowship together, AND I get to sleep for a whole night without anyone waking me up.....
I am beyond excited - if you can't tell!!!

BUT - I have a huge list of things to accomplish before I head out tomorrow (I really want to leave earlier than necessary so I can go shopping and look for a new pair of shoes -- mine are falling apart). The list is:

*Go to the grocery store for my family.
*Make a list of things I need from the grocery store so I won't forget anything as my family won't have a car large enough to go anywhere.
* Laundry
* Finish my last day of bible sad!!!
*Email my bible study girls
*Get packed **Don't forget the ticket!!!**
*Put new batteries in the camera --- I mean - I will definitely be taking pictures this weekend.
* Figure out directions to the hotel and then to the Coliseum.....since I don't have a GPS system.
*Clean house some (remember how I caught up on my blogs instead of doing that earlier)
*Finish filling out and mail M's birthday invites (a princess party- AGAIN!)
* Love on my family some....this is the first time I've left B.....I fear he isn't going to like it much!

Needless to say, I won't be posting anything tomorrow -- but hey! I just thought of something -- I have a laptop now and I can take it with me.....Hmmmm - I'm wondering if the hotel has free Wifi?!!? That is a thought!

Well - if they do and if I'm not too busy visiting with my friends, then maybe I will drop in and let you know what we are all up to.....And I know you will all be holding your breath waiting to hear from me......just humor me and pretend you will be, ok. =)

Ya'll have a great weekend!


Cheryl said...

I hope you have an amazing time at the conference!

Kandi said...

I hope you enjoy that LARGE bed all to yourself. And RELISH the complete sleep you will get! But, I bet you will be too excited about your conference and visiting with your friends to get some good rest! lol Oh well, you will enjoy it all!

Stephanie said...

It would be so fun to meet you! If I was there I would be looking for you! I hope you have a great time. Soak up as much from Beth as you can and post all about it so I can pretend I was there.

Thanks so much for your prayer and comments. You are a great "friend"! :)