Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Linky Love

I thought I would share with you all some things that I am longing for right now.....Some of these things are things that "Dave won't let me have".....Dave means -- Dave Ramsey. YOU know who he is right? Well - there are many things that Dave won't let me do or know because of all that budgeting and saving money business......stupid Dave.

Anyway - a girl can dream and here are some of my dreams!

1. I love Potato Saks clothing. I was so excited the other day to find that they've finally put their Fall '09 Line on their website.(I've been checking for weeks now). I love just about all of these outfits and would be glad to have any of them for my girls or B. BUT I am IN LOVE with the adorable Christmas Girl outfit and the Holiday Truck Longall which comes with a Christmas Tree and a pumpkin to carry your little boy through all holidays from October to December. Plus -- after that he can wear it with just the truck. There was one advantage to my OCD need to check the website everyday for the Fall was a sale!!!! I did get the cutest longall for B with a helicopter on it. I was going to link to it for you but it is sold out and I couldn't find the picture anymore. I can't wait for him to wear it. It is even cuter in person!!! And I figure he can wear it while it is still warm out without a shirt under it or with short sleeves and then with a turtleneck until he outgrows it! YEAY!!!! And if Dave would let me, I'd get these adorable swimtrunks and this preppy polka dotted whale dress and many, many others, too!

2. I also *heart* smocked things for the kids to wear to church. Have you seen the new Fall line for Castle's and Crowns? There are so many super cute things in the fall catalogue!!! I would love to have these matching outfits for the girls and for B for winter. And L turns 5 this year so it is her turn to have the "big" birthday party, and (much to my chagrin) she says she wants a "pink pirate party", but how cute would it be for her to have this outfit on page 17 to wear that day? But what I am really longing for are the owl outfits for the girls (I mean - look -- they have 3 different ones, a different one for each girl) and the lion longall for B on pages 4/5 of the catalogue.... LOVE THEM!!!

3. I also have a great idea (again read dream) for our Christmas photo where my girls would be wearing these great skirts!

4. I want to get my kiddo's these shirts-- they are super cute and they have colors for boys and girls. I can tell you that Lauren, who owns this store, is great! I bought these precious shoes for B's baptism. I love them and she worked hard to get them out to me since I waited til the last minute to buy them. I know that if I lived anywhere near her store, I'd be in there all the time dreaming of things I want to have.

5. And one more thing I'm longing for right now that will be a reality is this. I am a little OCD when it comes to my schedule and it's about this time of the summer when I start longing for our schedules again and start looking for my new planner. This one is the best one I have found for Moms.....and trust me I've used all kinds. I just found this one last year and I will be getting another one this year. I really like the cherry blossom one and the green flowers one! There are no bookstores in my little town. I will be stopping at bookstores as I travel around in the next month to get my new one.

Have a fabulous Wednesday girls! I am hoping to have lunch with some girls from church! I can't wait.


Stephanie said...

Don't show me these things!!!! :) My big temptation for Alyse's clothes is Kelly's Kids. Always gets me in trouble.

Lisa said...

REALLY! Must. Not. Click. On. Links. From. Mindy. EVER!

Be sure to get me that picture so I can work on the header for yoU!

Natalie said...

Lisa above cracked me up! Have a safe trip. I got some of your pics up and running on my blog. Talk to you soon!