Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girls Night Out and the Goldwing

I had such a fabulous weekend ya'll or y'all or however you spell it.....I've been debating....anyone know for sure?

ANYWAY -- last Thursday I got a call from a friend who asked if I wanted to go on a Girl's Night Out on Friday evening.....ummmm YES!!!!

I had such a fun time with these girls! We ate a yummy supper at a restaurant downtown called Guadalupe's. It was my first time there and my food was great! They serve goat there. I was not up to trying it myself. But one of the girls had a goat burger....she said it was good. I took her word for it.

Look at these beautiful girls!

I'm including this one with me in it against my better judgement....I look like a painted ghost! But these other two girls are beauties!

We then went to a movie. We saw "Public Enemy".....At least I think that was then name of it. It was the new Johnny Depp movie...I really did like it even if I don't have the name of the movie right. And in this little town, movies are still only $5 -- that was awesome!

I was so proud of my friend, K. She has a 2 month old and left her with a sitter. She only checked her phone twice to check the time during the movie. It's hard to be a new Mom and leave your baby for the first time.....good for you, K!!! Thanks girls, for such a wonderful Girl's Night Out! And I think we should definitely get together more than annually!!!

We had a lazy morning Saturday. Really! We ended up eating brunch because I didn't get around to making breakfast until 10:30 ish.....It was a fabulous to have a low key day because that happens so rarely for us. My Mom called us and said that they'd rode their motorcycle over and if it was ok, they wanted to stop by and say hi. My step - dad bought a Goldwing a few weeks ago. Here are a few pictures of their visit.

A and B sitting on the cycle.

Grammy introduced B. to M&M's....

I think he likes them!

Granddaddy and Grammy and their new way to travel.

That is what we did this weekend. Hope yours was great, too!


realestategirl said...

hey girl! It's been a while since I've stopped by. I've been a terrible blogger, but I'm back and committing to sticking with it!!!

I think you look great in your photo and how fun...girls night out! Always the best!

Love the blog layout too! Hope you're having a good summer!

Anonymous said...

Ok,Mindy! You look great as usual. Your hair looks awesome by the way! It has really gotten long since I've seen you last. Pretty pic of you and your girls! :)


Lisa said...


Fun on the motorcycle too!

Wendy said...

Tad wants to know what the brown bottle in front of you had in it?! :)
Btw, Lila's room is getting better. We have her bed set up with girlie bedding on it. Still a work in progress though...