Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day

Yes, I know!
I am way behind on my posts.......We have been incredibly busy. Out and in town and out again -- I'm still out of town actually. I have SO much that we have been doing to share with you that I have to get started or I'll never finish.
Father's Day for us was always is. Hubs preached on characteristics of a godly father ( works for a godly man, too). Once arriving home after church, A informed her dad that "We have to go wrap your presents so don't come back to the bedroom."
Subtlety isn't a virtue of being 7, I guess.

So, he sat on the couch and we madly wrapped gifts and signed cards for him.
Then the gift giving commenced. He opened his cards first....
A and M both gave their Daddy some money. M gave him $1 and A gave him $1.25 (not to be outdone by her sister). He thanked them and later on snuck it back into their piggy banks.
Everyone loved watching him open his gifts. Which included this book and these for the Wii.
And just thought I would share this one with ya. He's such a cute little present!

I have got to go....much to do but I do want to tell ya'll to go over to Natalie's place and check out my sneak peek of B. This past week, she did some pictures of Mr. B for us. She does an excellent job!!! She says that she isn't a professional, but I think that she is -- she takes beautiful pictures!

Talk to ya'll soon!

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