Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's Guilt

Today, I'm feeling guilty.

Today, I'm feeling guilty that I want for my girls to have nice clothing. Things from here or here or here. Or that I am wanting new clothes myself, when there are people who have nothing and I do have plenty of clothes in my closet.

Today I'm feeling guilty that I really want a blackberry.....when I have a phone already. And even though it is doing some crazy things and not letting calls works most of the time.

Today, I'm feeling guilty that there are people out there who are very sick....and I'm complaining about why my back won't stop hurting.

Today, I'm feeling guilty that I don't trust God and like Peter, I'm sinking in the water.
On the news today, I saw that 3 more people in my state have come down with the swine flu.....makes me nervous.

Today, I'm feeling guilty that I am not the person that I want to be. I want to be more like Jesus and love everyone. I feel guilty that there are people that I am just not feeling too loving toward today.

Today, I'm feeling guilty that my marriage isn't as godly as I want it to be. I'm feeling guilty that I'm not the mother I want to be.

And that is just a few of the things I'm feeling guilty about today.

I think the devil is on attack today,girls......I want to be strong in the Lord. I want to be able to fight through this.....
But, right now I'm feeling guilty. Guilty and weak.....UGGHHH!!!!


Lisa said...

Hang in there Mindy! We all have our weak moments and our moments when we don't feel whole and complete. HE's beside you and will walk with you through this. (((hugs)))

Deidre said...

We all feel that way from time to time. Don't get caught up in the MISPLACED guilt - without Jesus and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT we would feel even worse.

Hang in there!