Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gosselin Sadness!

Oh, ya'll! Remember a while back when I wrote this? Well, last night was even more gut wrenching! They've decided to seperate.....I am so sad about this. I might have even teared up a little bit. Jon and Kate are going to switch in and out of the house and the kids will stay put in "their" house. While I find it admirable that they are trying to provide stability for their children, I was horrified watching this last night. To see them talk about ending their marriage in such a matter of fact way. To hear Jon say he is 'excited' was really sad. To hear Kate say that 'you can find happy in any situation' was really sad. How can the seperation of a family be exciting and happy in any way?

And, just as an aside, can I say how disgusted I've become with where this show is going? It used to be a show about a couple with twins and sextuplets and how they deal with their lives.....NOW, it is a show about all the things that the Gosslins get .....I mean really, the new season just started a few weeks ago and already they've had Kate's birthday at Ace of Cakes, they've had the guys American Chopper come and bring Jon a chopper and a scooter for Kate.
Too much stuff and not really what the show set out to be I dont think.

SO, so sad!

So, SO sad!!!


AK said...

:( so sad. they need our prayers.
i can't believe how they are both going to be living at the house at separate times.. strange.

Kelli said...

Sad, indeed. I go back and forth between sad and mad. Those two need a good shakin'.

Deedra said...

Somebody needs to send them a copy of Fireproof and The Love Dare....and, does that bossy Kate have a sister? Cause she needs a good old kick in the toosh, in sisterly love of course, and somebody to tell her to keep her rear end at home and take care of her kids and family instead of globe trotting to promote herself...I mean, her books and her show.

Whew. Glad I got that out.

Wendy said...

I can't hardly watch it anymore. It's very sad. Also I agree that the show is not like it started out to be. It used to be neat and interesting to see how a family with that many kids survive daily. Now it's all about trips and gifts and such. Also it was supposed to be about documenting the kids' lives, but all you hear about is Jon and Kate's conflicts. Not good. Not good.

Sherry said...

Yes, it is so sad! What else is sad is that the ratings have "gone through the roof" because of the marital conflict between Jon and Kate! Why do people feed off of the tragedies of others?

I'm often reminded of a scripture concerning the end times that says (my version here) ". . . good will become evil and evil will become good." I see this happening more and more.

I just pray that these little kids do not grow up feeling that because they were born as multiples (which brings tremendous stress on a marriage) their parents couldn't hold it together. They are not responsible!

As Christians, we need to pray for the entire situation. He can still do the impossible!

Blessings, Mindy.

Kelly said...

So sad... I found myself in tears for those kids. I personally would not want the entire world watching me on TV as I dealt with my parents divorce. I think they should take the show off and heal privately!