Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp Patton Springs in pictures

Over the weekend my family experienced another first at this church. Every year the Children/ Youth department puts on a weekend camp called Camp Patton Springs for kids that are rising 2nd - 12th grade. The only child we have that qualified to attend as a camper was A. Which made her very, very happy. Not to mention that it was her first trip to camp. K and I were both campers for a lot of our childhood so we were hoping she would love it.

She was very excited about sleeping on the top bunk!
K was asked to come and lead vespers on Friday night so even though we dropped A off as a camper, the rest of us got to stay over night. Which A didn't mind because she was in her cabin and we were in a totally different place. We had a delicious supper of homemade pizza made by a husband and wife team at our church and then it was time for some singing. But first, time to initiate the new preacher.
"There's a Bear! Where? Over There"
But wait -- you have to hear that with the right accent --
"Thare's a bar! Whare? Over Thare!"
I had seen this at boy scout camp long ago....but I think they got hubs.
You know how it ends right? They go down the line telling this line to the next person in line. Then they instructed hubs to tell it to the first person in line. They point with both arms and get down on one knee.....until they start the domino effect and knock the preacher down. I missed that shot. I was too far back...Maybe someone else got it.
Then we really did do some singing.
M singing with the kids.
After then singing, we hung out and played 4 Square while the groups went to work on their campsites waiting on 10PM vespers to get here. Hubs had the kids do an improve of the story of Joseph. Updated for today, of course. It was great!!!
After vespers we went to bed for the night.
On Saturday morning, we got up and had a big breakfast that was wonderful made by the same couple. After singing some more, the groups headed out to work on their campsites and K and I took the girls up to play at the playground.
Here is K and M.....
And Miss L.
B loved playing in (and trying to eat) the grass. And, yes, we did need the jacket. It was quite chilly in the NC mountains on Saturday morning -- I was even forced to buy a sweatshirt from the camp because I remembered everyone else a sweatshirt except for myself. It's a cute sweatshirt, though ;).
Each group of kids and their counselors had to create a campsite. They also had to cook their hotdog lunch on the fire and had to have a worship area in their site. The sites were to be judged and have a winner by the end of the weekend. We traveled around and visited the sites. The theme for the weekend was "No Fear, Just Faith!". (Thus the story of Joseph). The Junior High Group came up with the name Fear Shakers, Faith Seekers (I think that was it) for their group. They made this as part of their worship center at their campsite. It is made of Rhododendron blossoms. Pretty cool, huh!?

Then A took us to her group's campsite. It was great. They created an arbor!, and had a welcome mat made from moss. I decided not to add more pictures here.
One of the other things that happens at Camp Patton Springs is that the campers earn and share beads with one another. Here is A with her "name bead" and a "Z" bead for actually going to sleep the night before.

THEN it was time that my other two had been waiting for ALL day. Lake time. I just wanted to show you this shot of L. Isn't she funny with her lifejacket and goggles on?!!?

After swim time, it was supper time again and we had one of my new favorites. Something I never knew existed before I came to this place and something I've only had once before this weekend but I. LOVE. IT. It is Indian Fry Bread. The couple who did our cooking, the husband is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It's like an Indian taco salad. Delicious. Apparently, you can also have it for dessert with powdered sugar on top which to this Southern girl sounds a lot like a funnel cake. Anyway - it was awesome!!!!
After supper, we left A at camp and made our trek back home. Hard for this Mama, but A loved it.
She arrived home Sunday afternoon the proud new owner of many beads for many things including the Art Award. She was very proud.....And I was too. But I was a bit dismayed that she arrived home wearing the exact same clothing she had on when I left on Saturday......


Lisa said...

How fun!

I would have loved to see them get Ken!

Faye said...

Mindy, What a great time to have with the youth and a blessing for all that went! Love all the pics! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Cheryl said...

So glad she had fun. It's such a weird feeling, you want them to be independent but you sometimes wish they's miss you just a little bit!

We're having our first kids camps next week. We're very excitedabout it!

Cheryl said...

btw, like the new look!