Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Thoughts Listed

Things I'm thinking about this morning:

1. It is looking incredibly cloudy outside (It's rained every day since I can't even remember when.) L has "water day" at preschool today and I'm hoping that it doesn't storm and cancel her fun. She is SO excited about it.

2. I'm headed to Radio Shack to get a new memory card so I can document our lives.....I have felt lost since Saturday.

3. I've gotta pack our clothing today sometime to go to Camp Patton Springs. This is a weekend camp our church hosts at this camp . A is old enough to be a camper as a rising 2nd grader (ICANNOTBELIEVESHEISARISING2NDGRADER!!!!!). We will take her with all her camping finery and drop her off with her group on Friday at supper time. She is beyond excited to be going to camp and having the rest of us be at home......that makes me some what sad, but I was the same way I suppose. Now I know how my Mom felt.....sorry Mom!!!

4. The rest of us are going for Friday night and most of Saturday. Hubs is to do Vespers on Friday. This means I have to pack up the Pack and Play for B to sleep in while we are there....Guess we will see how that goes. I love, love, love church camp and I'm so excited that we are going even if for just one night. And I'm so glad that A gets to go and stay the weekend. I hope she loves it, too.

5. I've been working this week on a bow order and made a friend of mine a couple, too. I will post pictures on my other blog on the lookout. I just love baby girls with their bowbands. They are so cute!!!

6. I want a monogrammed license plate like this one.....hubs won't go for a sticker but he said I could do this.....Now, I just gotta find the extra cash.....

7. I gotta go buy my ticket for this. I CANNOT WAIT to go. I'm going with a couple of dear, dear friends and it is going to be an awesome weekend!

8. I've gotten out and walked twice this week. Yea me for getting some exercise! Thanks to my friend Kandi for joining me. Having a walking partner always motivates me.

9. M came home from school yesterday and told me that she "almost got sent to the Principal's office"......Ummmm, WHAT? And her story of why made no sense what so ever.....I'm a little confused if she was in so much trouble that she needed to see the principal, why her teacher didn't send home a note?!!? So, I sent my own note this morning because I didn't have time to go in and talk to her.....hubs had to get to work by 8AM this morning.

10. My materials for my new bible study that starts Sunday have not arrived yet. I am beginning to get anxious about that. I need to prepare. I also always get anxious about starting a new study. I often talk like this post -- my thoughts come at me a million miles a minute and I'm not real good and shutting my mouth and organizing said thought before they are said aloud. I'm praying for God to show up BIG and use my mouth for his glory on Sunday and during this study. Ya'll pray for me, please.

11. I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah this week. Let me just stop right here and say that I am NOT an Oprah fan but I think that Dr. Oz and all his research and food studies are very interesting. He did a study with people this time where 12 people ate like primates for 10 days -- meaning raw fruits and veggies for 10 days....and I think they were were getting fiber supplements, too. Anyway - in 10 days their cholesterol came down like 25%--- that is A.mazing! He also talked about how Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce anxiety naturally. Let's all hear it for eating more fish! In seeing all this, I couldn't help but think about how awesome my God is that he made foods that help us all out more than any pill could! That is amazing, too!

12. I have to go get the shrimp out of the freezer for my Grilled Shrimp Fajita's tonight. See, I'm eating more fish.....does shrimp qualify as more omega-3's?

Talk to ya'll sometime.....maybe tomorrow but I'm not promising. If I don't get back here tomorrow -- ya'll have a fabulous weekend.


Deidre said...

You know I've already told you this study will be AWESOME. I love it so much and would do it again.

I'm also going to Deeper Still in Greensboro. We have a large group going from church. I can't wait!

FYI - The Dr. told Eric that shrimp was BAD for cholesterol, so not sure it counts the same as fish.

Hope you're day goes well! I cannot believe I have a rising 2nd grader either - awards day is today and I am weepy.

"Rachel" said...

I'd never heard of that Beth Bible study. Is it new? It looks great!

Lisa said...

LOVE the license tag, am laughing at M going to the principal's office and you can only imagine how I feel with a rising FOURTH GRADER!! What?

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Isn't Dr. OZ the bomb...even hubs sit down to watch him!!! ;)