Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painfully Unpleasant

See that title? That is what I fear today is going to be.....Why, yoiu ask? Well----because I have to clean out the playroom. I started working on it last night and I have to go down and finish it today. AND there is nothing like cleaning out the kids rooms and the playroom to make me see how much excess we have.

Embarrassing really. I am sorting through toys and we WILL be getting rid of some things and especially some stuffed animals. We have a pile of animals that could be 3 feet high and 5 feet wide......

Why, you might as. Why? Why am I cleaning out kids rooms and playrooms? Well - Spring Cleaning, maybe. But it might possibly also be that we TONS of family and friends headed to town tomorrow and Saturday. If I didn't mention it before -- it is a BIG weekend for us. Saturday is our girls dance recital (which in itself is wreaking havoc on my schedule this week) and then we are having Mr. B baptised on Sunday. Lots of people coming in for these two big events and, while I am so happy they are coming, I despise cleaning out!

It just gets me all worked up over why people can't put things back where they go? And why am I the only one who "knows" where things go? It just makes me wanna bulldoze and get rid of it all.....and really, I am not sure they would even notice.

And, AND! I have to take all 4 kiddos with me to dance rehearsal tonight. Hubs has some interviewing to do so he won't be able to help out during that. Then he has a softball game at 6:30 and that is just about the time we will be done at rehearsal so suppertime, bathtime, and bedtime -- all me today too. The evening routine is something I do by myself whenever hubs has meetings at church so that is really not unusual. Guess I'm just spoiled because he really is such a good Daddy who helps with so much. That includes baths and bedtime and coming home so I don't have to take everyone to dance rehearsal. It's just one of those days......guess I'm just complaining a little. sorry. I'll work on my attitude as we head downstairs -- so I can clean out and L and B can mess up.....ugghhh. I know -- working on the attitude.

SO - I will see ya'll tomorrow. I must drag myself down there to the unpleasentness that awaits.


Wendy said...

I feel your pain. Especially about the cleaning and why am I the only one who knows where things go. Bulldozing is often a thought in my mind. : )

Sherry said...

When my son was small, I found a plastic rake to be a tremendous and speedy way to gather toys up so they could be sorted and put back in their "spot".

Good luck - hope your day was better than expected.