Monday, May 25, 2009

The Marathon Weekend

I'm sitting her on this Memorial Day listening to nothing more than my fingers clinking on the keys of my laptop. It is so quiet because a) my girls are all at school -- make up day for the imaginary snow we had. b) mr. B is napping. c) K went to work. d) I'm supposed to be figuring out my menu/grocery list for the week so I can go get groceries, but I'm in a rut. And e) I'm exhausted after the weekend.

Friday night was the dress rehearsal for the big show on Saturday. That was about 5 hours we were tired. Saturday was the "Greatest Show on Earth" (aka the dance recital). It was the best. My husband's step dad commented on what a professional show it was. The first Act was very much the circus.....complete with clowns, acrobats, bunnies and - peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy. I had a bunny, an acrobat, cotton candy and a clown in my brood. L's predance class were bunnies. They were so cute!!!! M's tumbling class were the acrobats. A's ballet class was pink cotton candy and danced to "Truly Scrumptious" and her tap class were Clowns and threw confetti "water" on the audience. The second act was very Cirque de soliel...... it was the Cirque de TTPAA..... A's jazz class did a great dance to "Zydego" in this part of the show.

What's that? Where are the pictures that show my adorable girls in their costumes?

WELL - I took TONS and TONS of them and would love to be able to show them to you but when I took the memory card out of the camera Saturday night and placed it in the computer, the computer didn't recognize the card......Apparently -- somehow the card is corrupted and so I LOST ALL OF MY PICTURES!!!! To say I'm upset about that is a complete understatement.

I sat up really late and even downloaded a free thing to try and recover the did some how run a scan but it found nothing.....bad scepters it said.....BOO!

AND -- that means I have no pictures of B's baptism and luncheon yesterday to show you either. However, it was a great day full of family and friends. He is one loved little boy and I was so happy they were all at church for this big day.

So, I will end this boring, pictureless post and try to get back to the laundry and my menu that needs to get finished.....oh no -- the quiet is gone. B's awake.....

talk to ya'll soon! Have a great Memorial Day


Stephanie said...

You did have a busy weekend! Everything sounds like it was wonderful and so special. So sorry that there are no pictures. I KNOW that I would cry. :( Treasure those memories in your heart.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh my...I hate when stuff like that is awful. I would be sooo bumming too!

Hope today goes better!

Sherry said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you lost your pictures! Maybe someone else took pics?

I have a card that has pictures on it, but some of the recent ones did not stay in memory. They were there right after when I reviewed them, but later when I went to upload them, they were gone -- just the most recent ones were gone!

Go figure!

Wendy said...

I can't believe your husband is working and your kids had to go to school. Memorial Day is one of very few holidays Tad actually gets off.
Also I want to talk to you about dance class. Ya know, for Lila in the future. I know nothing about it.
I'll send an e-mail. : )

Donna said...

Does your camera still recognize the pics, Mindy? If so, don't give up, you may still be able to get them. There have been several times when my printer wouldn't read the card but if I hook up the camera to the computer with a cord, it'll still upload them. We don't want to lose your pictures!!

Lisa said...

Oh no M!! That stinks! Praying that you'll be able to recover the pics. Sounds like a beautiful, full weekend!

Cheryl said...

That is the most frustrating thing EVER!!!
Hopefully you can get pics from another parent.

Becca said...

oh that sounds like a very busy but good weekend! :-)

I have had that happen to my pictures before -nothing makes me more frustrated! I'm so sorry that happened to you!!

jennifer said...

I am SO sorry you lost your pictures. That really is terrible and I would be upset too.

We've been involved in MANY dance recitals. I remember those days well.

I hope that you and yours are having a wonderful weekend.