Thursday, May 7, 2009


Before we left for vacation, I decided that my girls all needed haircuts. It's been almost a year since they've had haircuts so it was time.

M has wanted her hair cut off to her chin for some time now. I've been putting her off for months trying to be sure it is what she really wanted and it was. This is her new do from the back and the front. Se loves it. Now, I just have to take her I'd say monthly to keep it up.

A and L both said that they were just getting trims. L got chewing gum in her hair the day before we went and I had to cut it out. It wasn't alot, but in order for her hair to be evened up, her hair is now angled around her face to the back....Here is is getting the cut. And another shot of her hair. Just a trim for her. Although, she now says she is going to follow in A's footsteps "next time".

When we were visiting my mother about a month ago, we were discussing Locks of Love. I don't think A really understood what we were talking about and emphatically stated that she only wanted a trim! I continued to talk with her about it some but she still insisted on just a trim. Finally, she agreed that we should find out if the salon did Locks of Love or not and "maybe she would do it next time."

She went first to get her hair cut and when she got in the chair, we inquired about the Locks of Love Program. Christa, the stylist, said that they did indeed participate. I said, "Oh, good. I think she wants a trim this time but next time she wants to do that.". To my surprise, A said "I want to do it now." SO after lots of reassuring me that was indeed ready to cut her hair, they cut off 10 inches.

I am so proud of that girl! We have a middle school girl in our church who has cancer and A was able to relate what Locks of Love does with her. Warmed this Mama's heart!

Have a great Thursday. Mr. B is up from his nap so I have to go. I will be back soon!.


Donna said...

I wish my hair would lay exactly like M's...and that'd be the cut I'd want!
And how sweet of A to donate her hair!!
You've got a great family, Mindy. Hope to see yall someday :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I love their hair cuts! M's looks like my oldest daughter's hair. It is so much easier to fix in the mornings. And, how sweet of A to donate her hair to Locks of Love. All of your girls are so precious! (And Baby B of course!)