Friday, May 15, 2009

And Now....The Rest of the Story but not really.

I am going to do a final post on our vacation. I'm ready to finish telling ya'll about it. I mean - it's not like it happened two weeks ago or anything....Anyway, since this is going to be the final "vacation 2009" post, it might be a long one. Feel free to come back some other time if seeing little kids at Disney World isn't your thing. Otherwise, enjoy the pictures.

On Wednesday of our vacation, we made our first trip to the Magic Kingdom. As you can imagine, this was the favorite of our kids. Hubs had his plan (courtesy of Tour Guide Mike) so we made our way immediately to the Dumbo ride. Of course, we rode absolutely everything in Fantasyland.
One of the most anticipated rides was Mad Hatter's Tea Party. M was barely 2 the last time we were at the Magic Kingdom, but she remembered that the 'tea cups' were her favorite ride. There was discussion for months (REALLY - for months) about who was going to ride with who. I'm not a fan these days of things that spin me in circles so B and I sat this one out. Here are pictures of the rest, though.
We rode some more rides and and took a few pictures.....

I don't know why we didn't stand in front of the kodak "magic moment" stand...
We ran into the Fairy God Mother outside the castle.

And was time. We had an invitation to Cinderella's Royal Table for lunch.

I think this picture is so funny. See B down there in the front. He would never look at us when we were taking pictures because he was so enamored with the characters.
At one point during lunch,Cinderella gave every little girl a magic wand and every little boy a sword. At one point during lunch, they had the girls made a wish.

At which point, M promptly said, "My wand is broken."

I asked, "Why do you say that?"

M, "Because my wish didn't come true."

Me, "What was your wish?"

M, "To be a princess like Belle and have her gold dress on"

My M has such faith in things -- this includes God. There is much to be learned fro me about that kind of faith! More on this later....
And one last photo from lunch --
I FINALLY figured out how to take really close up pictures with my camera.
Natalie, aren't you proud of me?
After lunch, we rode many many many more rides. Space Mountain was closed so we didn't get to ride it. We did ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, which quickly became a favorite. I think that we rode it about 6 times!
We met Goofy. B loved him of course.

And, the only princess who wasn't at Cinderella's Royal Table.....We found Ariel hanging out in her Grotto.

And the last picture I will share from that day, look at these pants! Nana Lee Anne made the girls the outfits they had on in these pictures. I LOVE how they turned out!

I'm realizing that this post is incredibly long and there is NO way I can finish posting on the last two days of our trip here. So -- I will finish up tomorrow if you are interested. Have a happy Friday everyone!

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Wendy said...

I would LOVE to take my kids to Disney World someday....maybe when they're older...and maybe if I can stand the crowds. : )