Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow Excitement and Fairies Who Write on Things.

This morning my phone rang at 6AM. It was the school announcing a 2 hour delay because of snow. I thought "Guess it snowed on the mountain tops, glad to have a little more sleep!" Than at about 7AM I heard "IT SNOWED!!!!! LET'S GO OUTSIDE!!!!"

So, these girls went out in the pj's, coats, toboggans, boots and gloves to play in the snow.

There are no pictures of M because she couldn't find her gloves so her hands were freezing by the time hubs went out to take pictures (remember it was 7AM). So, it is now 11AM -- two of four kids are at school but the snow showers are still coming. It is the perfect kind of snow, too. Beautiful to look at but the roads are too warm for it to stick so we can all still get around. =) I know for most this isn't a lot of snow but it is the most our little town has seen all year so don't rain on our parade =)

On another completely unrelated topic: I wish the fairy who keeps writing on everything would just stop it! I cannot afford to continue to buy Mr. Clean Erasers every week! Plus, I'm not sure it is gonna come off the sandal....

I am pretty sure the fairy is not named L....just because your find the name L on the closet wall means nothing. And I'm pretty sure that we do not have two other fairies around here named M and A who do their fair share also. I mean, when I ask my children, " What are we supposed to write on?" The answer is always " paper only!" .... SO, obviously I have some mischievous fairies around here who are writing on other things because my children know the rules....This is one of those things that might drive Mama mad....


Lisa said...

Yeah for snow and oh no on the writing fairy. Don't send her this way!

Sherry said...

Love little fairies and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! :)

The snow is beautiful!