Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Farm Animals

Last week I got to go on another field trip. This time M and I went to the Nature Center. M's Kindergarten class has been learning about Farm Animals so we attended a class to learn about them. We learned all kind of things about cows and goats and sheep and chickens. Like what things we get from them and how we should call out "Thanks Cow" when we drink milk or "Thanks Sheep" when we wear wool or "Thanks Goat" when we drink goats milk (not me...) and "Thanks Chickens"....well you get the idea! We also learned the difference between domestic animals and wild animals. Here is a picture of M. listening for the sounds in the barn.
After the class, we got to go to the petting zoo (yuck -- too many germs for me). Luckily, I had a reprieve because strollers weren't allowed inside the petting zoo. darn....

We saw many goats and sheep. There were no chickens or cows even though we had talked about them.

There were other animals there that we visited including this alpaca, and donkeys.

And (For me) the best part was after the Nature Center. We took 2 classrooms of kindergartners to the O*live Garden. Now, I know that you are think that is insane!!! I did too....but the servers had everything down to a science and the teachers had labeled all the kids according to what they had ordered so it went like clockwork! And I love soup, salad and bread sticks!!!
Dear M, thank you for asking me to go on your field trip. I loved every minute of it.....Well - except for the part where when we first got to school and you cried because you didn't want to wear your class tshirt.....that wasn't so fun. BUT, we made it through that fashionista travesty and you agreed to suffer for the good of safety. I loved watching you learn and interact. You are my sweet, sweet girl!


Lisa said...

How fun! And I am with you on the petting zoo ... YUCK!

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

field trips...I'm wearied just thinking about them. I quit counting after about 50; still and yet, some great memories made between the kids and their mom!

Happy Easter walk.