Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

We are so busy here in WDW that I haven't even had time to do any posting at all. Plus - there is no wi- fi here....that is odd, I know.

This morning I'm here with a little girl who starting throwing up last night. We are hoping it is just something she ate....she isn't running a fever so we shall see.

In other news -- I'm ashamed to say that I am incredibly worried about this whole swine flu thing.....anyone else?

Worried because I heard on the news this morning here in FL that a high school in NC shut down because 18 of it students have "flu like symptoms".....did I mention that they recently returned from a trip to (yep you got it) WDW....ugghhh! Ashamed because I know that God is God and HE is in charge no matter what happens and I need to trust that.

I am doing my best to sanitize hands as much as possible but since I already have a sick child, I'm obviously not doing a great job....

I must go now. The "sicky" is up running around playing and not acting sick at all.....I gotta go have some angst over whether or not we should head out to An*imal King*dom and join the family.....guess I will see if she can eat something and keep it down.

Just a couple of prayer requests for you then I will go....

1. Pray for miss M. that she will really be better and we can go enjoy Anim*al King*dom....I hate she is missing it.

2. Pray for my worry and angst. That I won't obsess over this as I've been known to do.

3. Pray that we return home safely to NC on Saturday WITHOUT the flu----of pigs or any other kind.

Thanks girls. Talk to ya'll next week!


Faye said...

Mindy,I am worried about this also.It is very scary.We must just trust in the good Lord!Have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Wendy said...

I just wanted to say good about Hannah Montana, but no X-Men?? :)

Christi said...

Hey Mindy! I didn't know you were going to DW! I am so far behind on my blogging stuff. I missed a lot. You will have to let me know your favorite parts of DW just in case we get to take the girls. I would rather not waste a ton of money and time in the not as fun parts.

Jade's field trip was canceled because of the swine flu. It is making me a tad nervous but last night I was watching the news and to put it into perspective they gave some stats...They said that so far there has only been 1 death in the U.S. from this flu. On the flip side...there are around 36,000 a year from the regular flu. Also, even if you get it chances are you will be fine. Basically, just wash your hands and pay more attention to being sanitary. I'm pretty sure you have that covered. So just have fun on your vacation! :)

I can't wait to hear all your Disney stories!

jennifer said...

I will pray for your requests.

We had a sick kiddo one year in WDW and he missed Animal Kingdom! Weird coincidence. Try not to fret and remember that flu happens all of the time but the media is reporting heavily on it right now. Hard to tell if it really bad or being blown out of proportion.

jennifer said...

Oh! And I did a blog post about the Swine Flu (not very informational though). My comments were really revealing as how people feel about it. Slip over and read those comments when you get a chance. It may make you feel calmer.

Kelly said...

SO sorry you have a sicky while here on vaca.! It is supposed to be the happiest place on earth! My hubby works at Disney and I keep telling him if he brings "it" home, he will be sleeping outside!! :o)

Stephanie said...

I hope you had a great time! (I admit that I am a little jealous!)

Also, wanted to thank you for following my blog. I love reading your blog too. Glad that we found each other.

Can't wait to hear about your trip!