Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

We are so busy here in WDW that I haven't even had time to do any posting at all. Plus - there is no wi- fi here....that is odd, I know.

This morning I'm here with a little girl who starting throwing up last night. We are hoping it is just something she ate....she isn't running a fever so we shall see.

In other news -- I'm ashamed to say that I am incredibly worried about this whole swine flu thing.....anyone else?

Worried because I heard on the news this morning here in FL that a high school in NC shut down because 18 of it students have "flu like symptoms".....did I mention that they recently returned from a trip to (yep you got it) WDW....ugghhh! Ashamed because I know that God is God and HE is in charge no matter what happens and I need to trust that.

I am doing my best to sanitize hands as much as possible but since I already have a sick child, I'm obviously not doing a great job....

I must go now. The "sicky" is up running around playing and not acting sick at all.....I gotta go have some angst over whether or not we should head out to An*imal King*dom and join the family.....guess I will see if she can eat something and keep it down.

Just a couple of prayer requests for you then I will go....

1. Pray for miss M. that she will really be better and we can go enjoy Anim*al King*dom....I hate she is missing it.

2. Pray for my worry and angst. That I won't obsess over this as I've been known to do.

3. Pray that we return home safely to NC on Saturday WITHOUT the flu----of pigs or any other kind.

Thanks girls. Talk to ya'll next week!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PK moment

One of my greatest fears about being a pw is my kids. I do not want them to grow up and be what is usually thought of when someone refers to a "PK". I mean I went to highschool with two boys who were the quintessential "pk's" know what I'm talking about.

Well, I took the girls to get haircuts the other day (which I will share with you asap) and the hair stylists were discussing someone who had left. They made a comment that she had probably "gone to the ABC store".....

Well, my M, who was sitting in the chair at the time said " Oh, that is over by the Mexican Restaurant."

I am a little mortified.....I'm unsure if that means that we eat too much Mexican or if we have just had a glimpse of her future.....yikes!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey everybody. Remember when I said that I was going to do something fun that I'd never done before? Well - I did it.

I got a manicure and a pedicure. It was glorious! I think that my wedding almost 9 years ago was the last time I got a manicure and the last pedicure was before A was probably 8 years ago. And never in my life have I gotten both at the same time. It was great.

Why did I get a manicure/pedicure? Well - we are headed on vacation and my toes needed to look good so I can wear sandals. And the fingers were just a bonus.

That is right. We are leaving tomorrow for vacation. We are going to the big DW....Disney World.
My girls are so excited! I am up to my eyeballs with packing today and tomorrow K and I are helping out with our local Special Olympics. We will get the girls from school at about 2PM and start driving....

The drive will only be about 3 hours on Friday though because K is officiating a wedding on Saturday. Our sweet former sitter, Keli is getting married. I just can't believe it.

Then it is on to Florida for a week. I hope to take my computer with me to share part of our trip here but I don't know if Disney World has free Wifi (but I'm doubting it as everything else costs loads of $ there). We will meet Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne when we get there, we will be staying in their condo.

We will do the Disney thing for 5 whole days and then return next weekend. I hope to get back here in a few days. So, ya'll have a great weekend if I don't return before then!

OH - and look who learned to crawl just in time for vacation!

Hope to get to talk to ya'll soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A few things

First, thanks so much for the prayers for A as we went to the Allergist. Do you know what we found out? Not a bloomin' thing! Turns out, A's skin is so sensitive that every scratch (dot?) they made on her back turned red so he really couldn't read the test well. So, he said "She is either allergic to everything under then sun or nothing." He is going with none of the things he tested. SO, he 'figures' that it is viral and she is taking prednisone to hopefully knock it out. Along with a new allergy med -xyzol, I think and the Zantac she was already taking. IF it doesn't clear up with the prednisone, we will go back and do blood tests. Let's all hope for clearing up!
But A was a trooper. Not one tear from all the poking and itching. She even got a couple of bubble tests on her arm to check for a penicillin allergy. We 'think' those were negative, too. Once we get the hives cleared up we will return to the allergist to give her a dose of Amoxicillin and see if she gets hives from that or not.

I'm not sure that a whole lot was accomplished.....

On another note, on Monday -- I saw two rainbows. And because I always want to take a picture when I see a rainbow -- here they are. One of these pictures was taken from my driveway. The other was taken out the window of my van while I was in line to get my salad at Zaxby's.

Rainbows have special meaning for me--I always feel like God is placing them in the sky just for me to remind me of his love. I know this is part of the reason he gave a rainbow to Noah but because I've seen rainbows at pretty intense times in my life --they always seem to show up in those times I like to believe they are just for me. Don't go stealing my thunder!

And lastly, a couple of baby things for you. I was at Target over the weekend and saw these things that I thought were called "passy pods". We are forever losing passy's and I am spending a fortune replacing them. I googled passy pods and got various and sundry things for passy and pods but not what I was looking for. Anyone know what I am talking about and where I can find them?

I also also very intrigued by the whole "baby legs" thing. I'm thinking if I got some for B my husband may balk and say they are too girly? What do ya'll think? They have some cool patterns that are way boyish but then again they are rather like leg warmers.....which is really what they are.....

anyway -- I'm off to do something really fun that I have honestly NEVER had done. I cannot wait. I'll be sure and share it with you all later!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prayers for Stellan

Prayers for Stellan
Stellan's surgery is planned for this morning at 8:30 AM Boston Time.....please remember him and the rest of the Mcfamily in prayer today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Prayer Request

I have to take A to the allergist this afternoon. The short story is that she has been breaking out in hives for a while now. The hives come and go and I cannot seem to figure what is causing them so we are headed to see the allergist.

Say a prayer for us -- I think they plan to do the "scratch" test.

And to make things even better, hubs has an interview to do at about the same time we need to be leaving for the allergist so it is looking like I am going to have to take the other three with me.

Say a prayer for us all!!!
ps - the picture -- it is another great one by Natalie!

New Things Coming .....

I will be leading this study beginning in about a month at our church. I absolutely love Beth Moore's bible studies. There is always so much to learn and grow in. However, I in no way feel adequate to lead....

Here are some specific requests:

*That God would be in charge of it all.

*That HE would give me HIS words to say.

*The God would lead the ladies he wants to take this study to sign up.

*That HE would calm the fear and anxiety I'm already feeling about leading this study.

*That our study will bring HIM glory.

Second, I'm praying about and talking with some of the girls involved about beginning a Girls Group at our church. A kind of girls discipleship group. I feel like the world is rough for teenage girls these days and I long to be able to help guide them to God in some way. Will ya'll say a prayer about this, too? Specific prayer requests for this one:

*We have lots of girls in our church who *could* be involved. Please pray that God will give them the time and the 'want to' to be in such a group.

*Again, that the group will bring HIM glory and be what HE wants it to be.

I'm truly praying and struggling with both of these things. I feel like God is leading me to these things but I cannot explain to you how unequipped I feel to do either of them.
I do covet your prayers and I would LOVE your advice on either of these things if you have some for me!

If anyone from our church is reading this and you are interested in doing either one of these things, be on the lookout for the information. It will be coming very soon. I'm very excited about what God has planned. Let's all listen and see where we fit into that plan! I look forward to seeing your name on my list!!! =)

Have a great Monday girls! I'm off to begin my week.....and as usual right now -- it's a busy one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Time Flies When Your Having Fun....

It's been a quiet few days around here with the girls at Nana's house. Quiet in the sense that there were no screaming girls....but we have been busy.

On Wednesday, hubs, B and I went shopping here. Hubs got a couple of pair of pants at the G*ap for $30....good deal for that store! And we got B snow boots for $3....that is right 3 bucks! Now that is a deal! Other than that all we bought was a new tshirt for Mr. B. We had to buy him a new shirt to wear because apparently, he got choked on something and threw it up in the car... Someone (not mentioning any names but it wasn't me) let him put that sticker in his mouth and of course, he choked. Odd thing though, neither of us hear him retching.....anywhoo....
Then had lunch here in this town. I don't eat a lot of burgers but I have to say that their red,white, and blue burger -- it Rocks! (Pun not intended but then hey, it works so -- intended.)
We came home for church and bible study. I just love my bible study group. We have so much fun discussing how we need to change how we parent. And God is providing us with new ways of doing things. I've learned so much!

Yesterday, I got to meet a dear friend for lunch. This lady is one of my spiritual mentors who is also a preacher's wife and we don't get to see each other often but I always have such a great day when I do get to see her and come up feeling so light! Thanks Kel! We need to get together more often, I feel like I have so much to discuss with you and so little time that I just ramble on forever and ever.....

Anyway - last night was our last FPU class at church. And Dave Ramsey was great. He talked all about giving and girls, let me tell ya -- he was on fi-ah! He was spot on with his reasons why we tithe and give and I have to say I felt like hollering "PREACH IT!" but I didn't.....I am a methodist and old habits die hard.....I was taught to keep quiet in 'church'. And yes, I know I wasn't' in church but he was giving such a great sermon on giving that I felt that it was church. =)

And today, hubs, B and I are headed to get my girls --- I can't wait to see them. I've missed them. We will spend the night with my inlaws and my mil and I are going here tomorrow....I CANNOT wait because I have 2 gift cards to use....yeah! Shopping without spending any money....we will then head home and stop at a dear friends (surprise!) 40th party.

It is going to be a great weekend. Hope yours is great,too!

OH, and just for memory's sake -- as I typed this Mr. B ( at 7 1/2 months) just pulled up at the coffee table..... Again, he won't crawl (he does this weird, jerky scoot on his knees to move a little but not a real crawl and he doesn't go far) but he pulled up and stood at the table just now.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Standing & Being Fancy

I have a couple of things to share about a couple of my kids....

First, check out B's latest milestone. At 7 1/2 months he is pulling up in his crib. It is pretty funny because he isn't fully standing -- it's more of a squat. But - I find it ironic that is he doing this and isn't crawling yet.

Second, you know how your kids bring home their work from school each week? Well, a couple of weeks ago, M brought this book home that she wrote and I just have to show it to ya'll. Let's take it page by page.... I am typing things just as she wrote them.

Title Page - "I Love to B Fansy"

This story was written and Illustrated by M.

This book is dedicated to Grammy (smile)

"I tot my family h w to be fansy"

"I tot my family h w to pot on fanse clos."

"I tot my family h w to put fansy har dos."

This page was the "Meet the Author Page"

It says:

Grade: K

Hobbies: Jewelry

Family: Mom Dad A me L (she left out B - she said she forgot)

What I want to be when I grow up: Beauty Styler

My favorite author: (she left this one blank)

My favorite book: Barbie

This is the picture on the back cover....

I had to share this because this is the perfect picture of my M. She is my fashionista who loves ANYTHING that is "fancy". Anything that shines, sparkles, glitters or has feathers, M loves!!!

I love this book! I love how it shows her personality and it totally tells you about my M. The fact that she said her hobby is jewelry and that she wants to be a beauty styler just fits right in with who she is. I just love this fansy girl! =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun -2009

I want to start out by telling ya'll a little bit about our "Brunch With The Bunny" that we did at church on Saturday. It was so, so much fun. I have no pictures because I was too busy helping with the event.....sorry about that. It was fun for the kids though. We had a brunch for the families who came and the Easter Bunny was there to do photo's with the kids. Then we did a small skit to tell the Easter Story. And last we had an egg hunt. It was loads of fun.

A couple of the kids said the funniest things to the Easter Bunny. One little boy was standing by the bunny and said "Hey. THe Easter Bunny has on tennis shoes!" His mom thought really fast and said " That's because he has to run real fast to make it around the world in one night."

Another little girl wanted to know why the bunny wasn't hopping and was, instead walking. My answer to her was that it was because he was saving up his enegy for the night. The funniest thing about it was that sweet little girl, she gave that bunny a knowing nod like she totally understood his plight! =)

Such a fun day. We heard lots of great compliments on the morning and hope to make it an annual event.

We then did so much running around on Saturday afternoon and had a baby shower to go to on Saturday night that I didn't get to do the Resurrection Cookies I wanted to do with my girls.....bummer. Hopefully next year we can do that.

Easter 2009 was a day of mixed emotions for me. Let's start with the wonderful. The kids got up at their normal time -- 7 AM -- to see what the bunny brought.
Here are a few pictures of that time.

My girls beg for gum often and I'm just not a fan of aspertame so I rarely allow it. The Easter Bunny is good though - he brought gum!

Here is M. showing me her chocolate cross. And this
is L. The Easter Bunny also brought all of the girls a "Little Pet Shop" animal. They love these. The girls also got some headbands, a sucker, some Sunday socks (the bunny always brings something for their Easter outfits), a bookmark and some pencils.

B's basket had lots of fun stuff for a baby. Two onesies, two sippy cups, two really cute "Rock and Roll" pacifiers, a book mark and his fav. food -- Gerber puffs. But his favorite part -- the grass.

Then we got ready to head to church. I just love the kids outfits this year. I'm usually pretty practical about Easter outfits and do not get "Easter themed" things. But I was able to get some great deals and so here we are. But don't think you won't be seeing my kids wear these though September just because they have bunnies and easter eggs on them! The girls outfits are all made by this company.

A's dress has a topiary tree with Easter Eggs hanging off of it. M's outfit has a pink chenille bunny wearing a bow and pearls. And hers has these adorable ruffle capri pants! And L's has a cute, sassy bunny on it. L loves her dress. She loves that her bunny is wearing purple polka dotted boots.

B didn't want me to put him down . This is what he did when I tried to take his picutre. It is SO cute, though! It has an airplane on it and it is dropping easter eggs! ADORABLE!!This wonderful lady made it! She did an absolutely wonderful job. Go check out what she can make for you. AND her prices are very reasonable!
I did try to get a picture of all 4 of them together but since B wasn't wanting his picture made, it just didn't happen.

Now, for the other part of my day. After church, we came home. and ate sandwiches for lunch. That is where my day got a bit sad! As a kid, I always went to church on Easter and then to my Mom's parents house for lunch and do an egg hunt with all my cousins....then we would go to my Dad's parents house for supper and do an egg hunt with those cousins! I was sad that I was missing out on that. The sandwich was not as good as the good food I would've had at home. My mama's potato salad and macaroni and cheese and my Aunt Sharon's sweet tea.....and my granny might have even had some fried apple or blueberry pies.....I missed it!
All in all though it was a great day. The kids got to play outside all afternoon and then that night, since it's spring break and there was no school the next day, we let them stay up and watch "The Sound of Music" -- one of my favs!!!
So, as I said -- it is spring break around here. My girls are headed to their Nana's house today for a few days and then hubs and I (and B) will go down to get them on Friday. Have a great Tuesday ya'll!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A's joke

While doing A's hair for school this morning, she said "Mom, what was the name of the guy who used to be president?"

I said, "George Bush."

She said, " Yeah. George Bush had to go back home when he wasn't president anymore and he had to get rid of all his chickens because they were all saying 'Barak' 'Barak' 'Barak'"

Cute, I thought. She heard it at school. She said her teacher told her.....

Farm Animals

Last week I got to go on another field trip. This time M and I went to the Nature Center. M's Kindergarten class has been learning about Farm Animals so we attended a class to learn about them. We learned all kind of things about cows and goats and sheep and chickens. Like what things we get from them and how we should call out "Thanks Cow" when we drink milk or "Thanks Sheep" when we wear wool or "Thanks Goat" when we drink goats milk (not me...) and "Thanks Chickens"....well you get the idea! We also learned the difference between domestic animals and wild animals. Here is a picture of M. listening for the sounds in the barn.
After the class, we got to go to the petting zoo (yuck -- too many germs for me). Luckily, I had a reprieve because strollers weren't allowed inside the petting zoo. darn....

We saw many goats and sheep. There were no chickens or cows even though we had talked about them.

There were other animals there that we visited including this alpaca, and donkeys.

And (For me) the best part was after the Nature Center. We took 2 classrooms of kindergartners to the O*live Garden. Now, I know that you are think that is insane!!! I did too....but the servers had everything down to a science and the teachers had labeled all the kids according to what they had ordered so it went like clockwork! And I love soup, salad and bread sticks!!!
Dear M, thank you for asking me to go on your field trip. I loved every minute of it.....Well - except for the part where when we first got to school and you cried because you didn't want to wear your class tshirt.....that wasn't so fun. BUT, we made it through that fashionista travesty and you agreed to suffer for the good of safety. I loved watching you learn and interact. You are my sweet, sweet girl!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow Excitement and Fairies Who Write on Things.

This morning my phone rang at 6AM. It was the school announcing a 2 hour delay because of snow. I thought "Guess it snowed on the mountain tops, glad to have a little more sleep!" Than at about 7AM I heard "IT SNOWED!!!!! LET'S GO OUTSIDE!!!!"

So, these girls went out in the pj's, coats, toboggans, boots and gloves to play in the snow.

There are no pictures of M because she couldn't find her gloves so her hands were freezing by the time hubs went out to take pictures (remember it was 7AM). So, it is now 11AM -- two of four kids are at school but the snow showers are still coming. It is the perfect kind of snow, too. Beautiful to look at but the roads are too warm for it to stick so we can all still get around. =) I know for most this isn't a lot of snow but it is the most our little town has seen all year so don't rain on our parade =)

On another completely unrelated topic: I wish the fairy who keeps writing on everything would just stop it! I cannot afford to continue to buy Mr. Clean Erasers every week! Plus, I'm not sure it is gonna come off the sandal....

I am pretty sure the fairy is not named L....just because your find the name L on the closet wall means nothing. And I'm pretty sure that we do not have two other fairies around here named M and A who do their fair share also. I mean, when I ask my children, " What are we supposed to write on?" The answer is always " paper only!" .... SO, obviously I have some mischievous fairies around here who are writing on other things because my children know the rules....This is one of those things that might drive Mama mad....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Sundries

This post promises to be rather random so follow along if you will.....

First, let's talk about the weekend. On Saturday, Hubs and I loaded the 4 in the car and drove here to meet Natalie. She had agreed to meet us and take pictures of the kids for us. Go see the "sneak peek" she put up.....I knew that she took good pictures, but ya'll! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! And not just because it's my kids.... I cannot wait to see the rest!

And besides the pictures, I was so excited to be meeting a new blogging friend in real life. I think my husband got tired of hearing me say over and over last week how excited I was to be going to meet her. And, Natalie, she is absolutely precious! Not to mention that we found out that it is an incredibly small world and that her husband grew up not far from where I grew up.....and that we both know her in "real life". The fact that the world is so small never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to getting together with her again soon. And -- she is another "preacher's wife" and that thrills me beyond belief. Connecting with other pw's is something I hold dear. Here is a picture of she and I that we had my husband take of us.....isn't she so cute? I know I look tired, so just look at Natalie instead!!!

Second, I'd like to talk just a minute about the crazy weather around here.....Friday, it was cold outside -- like 50. (To some of ya'll I know that is not cold -- but here in NC, in April, it is cold to me), Saturday it was about 70. Today it was 79. We walked around downtown this afternoon....enjoying the weather. Here are a couple of pictures I took of today. The forecast for tomorrow is about 54......then tomorrow night and Tuesday -- they are calling for s.n.o.w. here. And highs around 40. Can you believe that? Snow in April in NC?!!? Then, by next weekend it's to be back in the 60's . Crazy weather!!!!!

Third, I'd like to brag just a minute on my hubs and tell ya'll that our Palm/Passion Service was awesome! He didn't "preach" today at all. It was a drama of sorts. He told the story of Jesus going to the cross with readings and songs. At the end of the drama, "Jesus" was nailed to the cross and we sang this was very emotional for me.

My hubs and the worship team did a wonderful job putting those services together! I loved both of the services I went to. I long for this holy week to be just that: a holy week of reflecting on all God did for me and all that leads up to Easter. What do ya'll have planned this week to help you really reflect on the meaning of this week?

Lastly, I have to do a devotion for the "Brunch with the Bunny" that we are having on Saturday at our church. I plan to do the Easter story in some way, of course, but I don't know what exactly to do any idea's for me?

Thanks for sticking with me through the randomness!