Tuesday, March 3, 2009

While Daddy's Away

My husband was out of town most of the weekend. He left last Thursday afternoon to help lead an Emmaus Walk.

The kids and I don't like to be without him too much so we tried to stay busy. Thursday night we did our usual -- FPU class. The girls get to stay in the nursery and play with another little girl and they always love that.

On Friday night we had a 'girls night' plus a baby brother =). I was flipping through the channels trying to find a movie we could watch and found that "Back to the Future" was on. I thought that would be a prefect movie to watch and I even told the girls how I had loved that movie when I was younger. So, I turned it on only to be very disturbed by the number of curse words in that movie. We watched for a very few minutes and there were probably 5 or 6 curse words....I decided quickly that we should turn it. I did think it was so funny, though, that in those few minutes there was also a lot of words used like 'stupid' and 'butthead'.....and those were the words my girls were recognizing as "bad words" and not the words that I was so put off by......

Anyway, we ended up watching Charlotte's Web and we did our nails. My Mom had sent the girls some new nail polish for Valentine's day and we used those colors and more. Each girl chose 5 different color's one for each nail. And I painted my fingernails a sassy shade of turquoise. I thought they looked great until my husband told me otherwise when he came home.....oh well.....

On Saturday, I took the kids to a town near by and they played in the indoor swimming area. A gets cold really easy so she didn't do much playing in the water. I had thought for sure that B would like it because he LOVES the bath....but it scared him. SO, the two of them spent most of the time sitting beside me like this.

The other two LOVED playing in the water though. It was definitely worth the $12.50 to get in! We then came home and had my favorite meal for supper -- Pinto beans and cornbread!!!! My hubs won't eat either one of those (he's un 'southern' I know!) but the girls loved them and that made me really happy!

We had a great weekend but we really missed Dad! B and I fell asleep on the couch waiting on him to get home. We both woke up to say hello!
And the girls got up at the crack of dawn to say hi to daddy before he went to church on Sunday.
It's always good to have Daddy home again!


Lisa said...

How fun! My kids love those "old" movies, but I never realized that BTF was so bad! YIKES.

Wendy said...

Remember when we saw all of the Back To The Future movies at the theater?? I never really noticed the profanity in it. Perhaps b/c we knew not to say it so we just blocked it from out hearing. : ) Good times...

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We own all of the "back to the future" movies. I recently sat down to watch one with my eight year old. I had the same reaction. We'll wait a bit longer.

I think it's incredible that you take 4 children anywhere! Good for you. I was never so brave.

Happy Sunday rest to you and yours.