Monday, March 9, 2009

This Weekend.....

Hope ya'll had a great weekend. It's been a beautiful weekend here in the North Carolina mountains. And we have enjoyed the outdoors quite a bit.

This past Thursday we walked to the park that is only a couple of blocks away from our house. Everyone had a great time there. Especially since Daddy went with us! B got to swing for the very first time. He loved it. He laughed and squealed the whole time. Doesn't he look like it?
This was on the way home. M didn't want her sisters on the rock with her.....

Friday was a wonderful day, too. On Friday night our new neighbors came down for supper. We grilled out hotdogs, hamburgers and turkey burgers. They have two daughters, the oldest is in M's class at school. We've never lived this close to other children and all of the girls are having a great time with new playmates!
We all spent some time outside on Saturday and even went to a fun birthday party. A few pics. from our day....
A playing with B

M blowing bubbles

This is a picture of two of my girls with a sweet friend, P, in the middle. We live right beside the church and one of the pluses is that when people need to come to the church for something, sometimes they stop by. My girls love to play with P. It was great just watching them have their own conversation!

You can't tell from looking at these pictures, but A and L both woke up with fevers on Saturday. A went to the doctor LAST Monday (yes....a week ago) with a fever and she tested positive for we've been on antibiotics all week. I did miss a few doses -- I will admit it-- but her fever has come back with a vengeance! Saturday it was just up a little bit.....but yesterday, it was up to 102.7.....and L's is going up, too. L is also complaining that her throat and belly hurt now, too.....BOTH are symptoms of strep. However, they both have a nasty cough, also. I'm fearing the "F" word-- but am hoping against hope that when we go to the pediatrician this morning (I am taking them both today) that it is, indeed, strep for both and A just needs a stronger antibiotic than Amoxicillin..... Hopefully it isn't that nasty flu. I'm also hoping (and working tirelessly spraying Ly*sol, using hand sanitizer, and reminding people to "Stay out of each other's face") that no one else gets it.

Anyway - hope you all had a great weekend. And if I ever get away from the sterilizing again this week I will be back! Have a fabulous Monday!

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Lisa said...

LOVE the last picture!

B is getting SO big and is such a mini-K/M. <3