Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That nasty "F" word

Well, it's official -- the flu has invaded our house. A now has strep and the flu. L has all the same symptoms but tested negative for both.....Go figure.

Now I just gotta keep the rest of us from getting it. Especially B. Since he just turned 6 months old- he hasn't had a flu shot.....any suggestions for keeping the rest of us from contracting it?

***Edited to add: M came home from school with a fever yesterday. SO, another trip to the doctor this morning and another girls with the flu. The thing is, though, that M has influenza A and A has influenza B....and L is just running a fever testing negative for any flu or strep at all..Not only do I have to keep the rest of us (K, B and I ) from getting any of it, I now have to keep the girls from cross contaminating.....SO, for now -- they are quarantined in the den watching movies. With strict instructions to stay in their spots and away from one another.***

I'll be back if I can stop sterilizing long enough this week.


Kelly said...

You are welcome for the link! Mine is 7 too. She will be 8 in may and I am not looking forward to a teenager!! I was one and that terrifies me!

Good luck with the flu!

Deidre said...

I cannot believe I'm reading this, Mindy! I just posted tonight about BOTH of my girls having strep AND the flu last week. O is just now getting over it. I was clueless and didn't take them to the doctor until too late because we have all had flu shots. Turns out, it doesn't matter this year.

I hope it doesn't spread and you all are feeling well soon.

Jodee Leader said...

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are all feeling better soon!