Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick

I got to thinking about St. Patrick's Day this morning. My girls were told at school yesterday to "wear green" but that is it, of course. They don't know why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day.....I feel really quite guilty that I didn't take the time to explain to them this morning why we are wearing green today.

And to be quite honest aside from knowing that Patrick was, in deed, a Saint, I didn't know much about him. So, this morning I've been doing some research so that I can share the story with my girls tonight.

A few link's for you so you ,too, can share the Christian reason to celebrate St. Patrick's Day....
MSNBC has this story today.
If you are going to be working with teenagers at church tomorrow night, you could use this.
Here is a link to some great St. Patrick's Day books for kids. I might go to the library and see if I can get one to share with my kids. Especially one that will tell the story of St. Patrick so I don't have to try and remember all the details myself.

And a link for some St. Paddy's day crafts.
I am sure that the kids will come home with all sorts of tales about pots of gold and leprechauns and the luck 'o the Irish.....I will be happy to share with them the Christian significance of this day with them.

What about you? Are you thinking of doing something with your kids to tell them about the real St. Patrick?


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Thanks for the links. I've known about St. Patrick at some point in my life but I've slept since then. I'll be reading up. :))

AND YAY! I saw Heath at Mi Casita the other day! Did he tell you? Girl, I had to stare in his face to a minute to confirm who I thought he was. He is a McKaig man through and through. :)) It was so great to see him. Made me miss you more though..! And next year's retreat, you are SO coming!

Lisa said...

NEAT links!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I guess at some point I was told that info but had definitely forgotten...Great to know and be able to share with my kids.


Stephanie said...

We did the VeggiTales version, think that works best for a two year old....

So glad that everyone in your family is feeling better!

The part you said that the kids were spending the evening in dad's office brought back memories of my childhood!

Wendy said...

Your Dad mentioned your family last night at choir and said your kids were better. Glad to hear. Hate you missed Hay Haw.