Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Housework Revisited

So. Today, I've got a question for you. Here it is.....what is your housework schedule? Riveting topic I know.

But, housework has been on my mind for the past few days......mostly because I've got lots to catch up on. Not to mention that housework is like the song that never ends (it just goes on and on, my friends). I've realized lately that the housework schedule I was used to hasn't been working for a since we added baby #4. Did ya'll know that by adding a 6th person that my laundry load has gone up by like 3 loads? That may not seem like much to you but it seems like a lot to me for a couple of reasons: 1) B is awfully small and who knew his clothing could add up to 3 more loads!??! and 2) I've always had my Laundry Day where I did ALL of the laundry for the week in one day. Then let it pile up in the baskets (out of sight) until the next LD.

However, it isn't working anymore. Also, before B was born (actually, before I was pregnant with him and had morning sickness) I followed this cleaning plan. At least in my own way. I took the principles and put them to work in my own house cleaning world. And while I still think that some of the ideas on this site are great and do-able in my cleaning world, not all of them work for me.
Also factoring into this struggle is that "I'm the Mom with a million and one things to do but I still want to have fun with the kids" guilt trip that seems to plague me lately. If I'm cleaning I feel like I should be playing with the kids and if I'm playing with the kids I'm going over and over in my mind all the "things" I've got to do.
So, I'm looking for a new way to organize my house cleaning world. There are a couple of things that I know won't work for me. First, house cleaning in all one day won't work -- there are too many things to do and places to be for me to have a Cleaning Day like the ones I remember as a kid. Second, waiting on someone else to do it....that won't work....
As you can tell - there is a lot of space between those two things. So, that 's my question. What is your house cleaning "schedule"? How do you get it all done and still have time for the family, too?
I can't wait to hear what ya'll have to say! One more thing. I found this Maxine cartoon while looking for a picture to go with this post. Mom, this one is for you. =)

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday! I gotta go because until ya'll give me some better ways of doing things -- I've got house cleaning to do today.


Sit A Spell said...

Hi...I was on bring the rain and saw your quote of Twila's song! I ONLY read your comment, isn't God good! I love that song. I've even had a chance to work with Twila some in yrs past., ummm, I'm blogging, not cleaning lol ! OK...really, I am a sahm and I clean as I go. A little here, a little there. My kids help out with their messes. We all do our part...we all live here and enjoy this we all pitch in. Hubby is a great help too. My big thing is...pick up behind yourself and that will help Mama greatly.

However, I always clean my kitchen sink really well on Mondays. I try to do laudry every just works for me that way.

Speaking of...I need to toss a load in right now : )


Sit A Spell said... the Maxine...that would be MY mama! lol I have pulled dishes out of hers and put them away...and lo and behold...they were dirty! (well, sort of!) : )

Ginger said...

I'm still trying to figure it out myself & there are only TWO of us! I usually get all my laundry done on the day I work from home but again, there are two of us so that usually works for me. Maybe you should try doing one load of laundry a day??? I try to follow some of the Fly Lady rules - the ones that work for me are the morning & before bed routines, the 2 minute hot spot, 15 minute declutter, & last but not least the daily reminders I get for the zones. These things help me at least keep things cleaned up enough for company so I don't run around like a mad woman when I know someone is coming over. Sorry I can't be more help! :(

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm afraid I can't be of much help. I use to have a plan, but then Billy and then two more kids and now it's just as needed. That being said, it's laundry everyday. At least one load. I can keep up that way. I hate things to pile up. Bathrooms, once a week, although I've taught the males in my household how to clean their own. Not always the way I'd like it, but I don't ever go in there.

I know how hard it is to keep up with the needs of 6 people. It changes as they grow, but still they still are there. With God's help, I've been able to thrive amidst the chaos, but it's rarely been easy.

Good, but rarely easy.

Hang in there. Hope all is well.


Lisa said...

Honestly, I do it when I can. Laundry is pretty much an every day thing. I would much rather do a few small loads than large ones. I also fold and put away immediately out of the dryer.

Christi said...

The only routine I sortof follow is to put in a load of laundry in the mornings while the kids are getting ready for school and start the dishwasher. Usually by the time I get back from dropping them off I can throw the clothes in the dryer and put up the dishes. As far as I'm concerned I have done my duty for the day. The rest is gravy. :)

Wendy said...

Hey Mindy,
I do laundry almost every day. I never get completely caught up, but I don't like to see super full laundry baskets. It stresses me out. I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to help out more than they do now. : )