Saturday, March 14, 2009

Anatomy of the past week.....

For those of you who stopped by in the past week and have already read most of this, feel free to skip this and visit another time. Just for the record.....

Saturday, March 7th -- A and L start running fevers.....A had been diagnosed the previous Monday (the 2nd) with strep throat. I figured the Amoxicillin hadn't worked and the strep was causing the fever. I also figured that the strep was passed along to L.

Sunday, March 8th -- A, L, B and I stay home from church.....the fevers continue.

Monday, March 9th -- We make our first visit to the pediatrician. We see Dr. S who checks out both girls and orders some flu tests and a strep test for L. We find that A has flu B and the 48 hr window for Tamiflu has already passed. L tests negative for both the flu and strep. We are instructed to take both home and treat the fevers with Mo*trin and Ty*lanol.

I bring these two girls back home. When I pick M up from school, she comes home and says she is cold. We find that now she, too, has a fever. I call the dr. at 5 pm to set up an appointment for M. They tell me just to bring her in the next morning with B, who has a well check scheduled.

Tuesday, March 10 -- I take M and B to the dr. at 9AM while Daddy stays home with the other two. We see Laurie, one of the NP's. B has his well check and is doing very well. He is still long for his age, but has dropped to the 75th% (instead of the 90% - where he was 2 months ago). He also dropped in weight to 5th% -- he only weighs 14 lbs. He is one long and lean baby boy. B also gets three vaccines.

M gets a flu test and tests positive for flu A (not B like her sister)

A and L are both still running fevers, too. By bed time though L's fever is down to 99. YEAY we are on the way down. Also by bedtime, B is running a fever. I figure it's from the shots as he usually runs fevers after vaccinations.

Wednesday, March 11 -- The girls are quarantined in the den to watch movies and rest and to try and keep everyone else from getting the flu. L's fever is consistently down. She is allowed to stay down stairs and watch movies with the other girls but is instructed to stay in her spot and away from the other two.

Wednesday night at church, A and M are quarantined in their daddy's office because they both have fevers and K and I both had bible studies to lead.

At bedtime, L's fever is still gone (yeay), A's fever is also down. and M's fever is still up and B's is now at 102.

Thursday, March 12 -- Since A's fever is down, and she is begging, we decide she can go to school. We get rear ended on the way to take her to school. I should've kept her home.....

When I get back home, B's fever is 103.5 so we call the pediatrician's office and take him to the dr. again. This time we see Dr. O. She says that maybe the fever is still from the shots and it could get that high, but decides to do a flu test since he has two sisters at home with it. Flu test is negative. Says go home and treat the fever. Call us if it is not down tomorrow.

After supper, I notice that A has now broken out in hives. We make a bedtime run to Rite Aide for Benedryl because K is at a meeting at church.

Fever check at bedtime -- A's is about 99. M's is about 99. L's is normal still and B is at 100. 8 with motrin.

Friday, March 13th -- A and M are now fever free and A is hive free. K and I debate for a while about school. He thinks they should go and they really want to go so we let them.

B's fever is now 103.8 and we, again, call the dr. I talk to the triage nurse who says bring him in. I ask -- do you think this fever is from the shots or not? She says she things there is something else going on so bring him back. We see Dr. K this time.....He decides that since the flu test was negative to test for strep. No strep, either.....Could be a virus and that usually only lasts for 48 hours. Bring him back for Saturday clinic if the fever persists.

Overnight B's fever goes down but he thrashes and doesn't sleep well anyway.

Saturday, March 14th -- Everyone is fever free first thing in the morning. YEAY!!!!

Since the girls are all well we decide to go to the American Girl Club at the bookstore so I head to Walmart to get a snack for the club. When I return from Walmart - B's fever is back up to 102.....SO - again we call the dr. They say bring him in now. Since I am already at the bookstore with the girls, hubs and I switch so I can take B to the dr.

Since B's strep and flu tests were negative, they decide it's time to do some other tests. I have to hold him down so they can do a catheter to check his urine.....poor baby! Next, they send me to the hospital to have bloodwork done. The lab tech has to take blood from his takes two sticks because he twists his arm and the needle comes out. That is the second time I had to hold him down. NOT FUN!

Dr. S calls us back and says that the quick tests were all good. Urine looks good for now and his white counts are good for now too. The longer tests won't be back until tomorrow so they will let me know.

A breaks out in hives again.....I give her more Bene*dryl.....

Sunday, March 15th -- Everyone is FEVER FREE!!!!! We all get to go to church (my first time in two weeks!)

And now, it's Monday and I sent all three girls to school and have a happy and fever free baby boy......Time to rejoin the real world! Back to reality....Gotta do laundry and go get groceries.
Ya'll have a good Monday. I'm thanking the Lord for our health this morning!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mindy! What a week! I'm so thankful that everyone is doing better. Maybe now you can get some well deserved rest!


Karen said...

Wow! What a week you've all had! Glad to hear all are fever free!

Take care,