Monday, February 23, 2009

MPM - Feb. 23,2009

I am about to run out to the grocery store, and then get on with the rest of my day, but I wanted to post my MPM this week. I am still working on "budget friendly" and healthy!!!

A couple of things that am doing differently.....I'm shopping the sales....I get the sales flyers for our local grocery stores and I'm trying to plan my menu's accordingly. As far as to be more healthy, I am trying to eat a couple of meatless meals each week. I'm not a fan of tofu normally but I've got something up my sleeve this week....we will see how it goes!

So, here it is....


b- cereal/poptarts (I let them choose on Monday mornings)

l - leftover calzone's (mine is spinach and mushroom yum!)

s - grilled salmon, brown rice, green beans with whole grain bread


b- eggs, toast

l - eggplant sandwiches

s- BBQ sandwiches, slaw, sweet potatoes (I got a Boston Butt on sale last week and I cut it in half so it will provide two meals for us)

*I will also get whole grain sandwich rolls for both of these sandwiches**


b-cereal with fruit

l- turkey wraps

s- Ash Wednesday service at church....We will have pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday before the service.


b- Whole Wheat strawberry muffins

l - Spinach, mushroom and cheese quesadillas

s- meatless spaghetti (with soy crumbles -we will see how this goes over), salad and whole grain bread


b- cereal bars

l - open

s-leftovers buffet or out


b- eggs, oatmeal, maybe bacon

l- open (hoping to plan an outing with some friends)

s- pinto beans and cornbread

Sunday -

b- poptarts

l- sandwiches

s- out

There it is. Ya'll have a great Monday! Go over to Laura's place for more menu's!

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shopannies said...

there are some great soy crumbles out there that taste amazing