Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mama's Boy

One thing I've learned so far about the difference in boys and girls is that little boys WANT their mama's.
I was always so proud of my ability to be able to hand my girls to anyone and they (for the most part) were happy. Not B. He at 5 months old, will lunge at me as soon as he sees me. And it really doesn't matter who is holding him. He loves his daddy and is perfectly content to be with him.....unless he sees me or hears me.

I was very proud of the fact that all three of my girls did really well sleeping as infants. They slept in their own beds, in their own rooms, all night long. Not B. When he had RSV, I put him in bed with me so I could hear him breathing. Now he WILL NOT sleep without me. So, lately- it's been me and B in the bed and K's been sleeping on the couch.....not so good, I know.

I really don't know how to change this.....I've been known in the past to say that they have to cry it out....and I do believe there is credibility in that. However, at this point, I have three other children that I have to take care of and do for during the daytime hours and it is so much easier for me to just let B sleep with me.

I fear for the future when he is already this attached to me......
Ya'll have any advice?


Natalie said...

I don't think I can offer much advice. We are on the opposite end that when our son was an infant he ALWAYS slept in his own crib. To this day he sleeps in his own crib. Plus, I only have one and can let him cry it out and it won't disturb anyone else. I hope you can find a happy medium!

Lisa said...

My only bit of advice is to buy a bigger bed! Seriously, Tucker sleeps with us. With only 3 bedrooms, that is our only option right now. His crib is ini our room and I simply cannot stand to let him cry. The 100% top priority right now is sleep ... no matter how we get it! :)

I'm no help at all, I know!

Donna said... KNOW I can be no help on the 'boy' part, because with 4 girls, I've never had that experience BUT when Casey was a baby, she DID NOT sleep at night at all. We would stay in the living room because Roddy had to sleep to go to work the next if she finally did get sleepy, we slept on the couch together. After she got old enough to watch TV (3 or 4), we HAD to stay up so she could do her 'Mousercise' at 6:00am. Only then would she lay down on the love seat with me still having to sleep on the couch!!
My advise is to do what you have to--to get that baby to sleep in his bed! lol The sooner the better.
Casey finally slept in her bed when she started kindergarten!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Tough one. Can't offer that much advice except to let him cry it out. We had to do that with my oldest when he was six months. It took about 3 nights (progressively shorter each night), but then no problems after that.

Maybe supernanny has some thoughts.


Cheryl said...

You want to do it now and not wait til he's older! It's going to be tough but he'll adjust alot quicker than you think!

Sherry said...

Cheryl's probably right. If you can think of a way to ease him into the change it might make you feel better.

For sure, God has the answer for you. He knows your little boy better than you and He cares about your entire family.

Wendy said...

Hey Mindy,
Apparently I'm completely different from most, well except for everyone in my family. Lila still sleeps with us. I love it when she puts her hands on my face in the night. They grow up so fast. Sure I'm tired in the mornings, but I would be tired anyway b/c I'm running after all of them. There will come a time when she doesn't want us so close, so I'm absorbing all I can now. :)

Aimee said...

Thanks so much, Mindy for your sweet congrats!