Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tooth Fairies

I know what your thinking. "Tooth Fairies? Isn't there just one tooth fairy?" Well, I've recently been informed that there is, in fact, more than one tooth fairy.

This past Saturday A informed me of this nugget of information. Her teacher at school had told her that when the tooth fairy comes to her house, they always leave a glass of water sitting by the bed. That way when the fairy comes to take the tooth and leave the money, maybe his/her wing will get in the water. If said wing gets in the water, the water turns the color of the fairy's wings. And that her teacher had had a blue fairy, a white fairy, and a pink fairy....
I nodded and smiled thinking that A would forget about it by the time she lost another tooth.
That is until I was awakened the next morning to these words. "Mom, I pulled my tooth."
So, on Sunday night when she went to bed and I was tucking her in, I glance over and notice a glass of water by the bed. I inquired about it and was informed it was for the fairy.
Not only did I have to go scrounge up a dollar somewhere (I never have cash when we lose a tooth-- oh, who am I kidding? I just never have cash), now I had to figure out how to make the water a certain color. For those of you who actually bake and might have a reason to use food coloring-- it might not be hard for you to figure out. I, however, like to COOK -- not bake......measure is not in my vocabulary.
I was able to find some food coloring and a dollar. So, we had a red fairy visit our house on Sunday night.
I have to admit that I didn't know how to get out of adding this to the "Tooth Fairy myth". What was I going to say? We only have ONE tooth fairy at our house and her wings are clear?
So, I'm wondering -- has any one else felt like this? Has your child brought home someone else's customs that you just want to say no to, but you feel like you can't?
Have a fabulous Wednesday everybody.


Lisa said...

In all my years, I've never heard that one! I always have to scrounge around for tooth fairy money. You'd think we'd learn and keep a stash!

Mom said...

People just don't need to change the legends on us. I remember when the tooth fairy left a quarter...then a dollar...and some kids that went to school with my kids got $5---now why would the tooth fairy give more to one kid than another?
People who do the changes make it hard on us 'poor folks'.

DonnaMc said...

Oooops...I forgot to change my name.

Lisa R. said...

This is a new one on me. My girls are past this now. I usually have food coloring but didn't always have cash and had to scrounge around for it. What else is someone going to come up with that we have to figure out?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, I would have probably drank the glass of water and told the child the fairy flew away. Realizing that would be cruel, I'm not sure what I would have done. Honestly, what's wrong with people feeding the myth? Heavens.

As to not having any $ around to further feed the myth, I've been known to sneak to their wallets, secure a dollar only to have them put in back in the next day. I know.

You're now wondering why I don't have a book of such tips. I'll work on it!

Blessings to you~elaine