Monday, January 26, 2009

MPM - Jan 26,2009

This week, like all other weeks recently, is slammed packed full of evening things....mostly at church. And, ironically, mostly not my things.....mostly just my husbands stuff-- but that does affect our time for family suppers. Not to mention our dance schedule. So, I will be making things that are pretty quick to make, while still trying to keep it healthy.....

Here it is.

Monday- Grilled Salmon, green beans, mashed potatoes

Tuesday - Tortellini soup (I got this recipe here.)

Wednesday - Gathering Meal at church

Thursday - Chicken Stroganoff in crockpot

Friday - out to eat

Saturday - Steaks on the grill with sweet potatoes.

That's the plan. ya'll have good Monday. I gotta go to the grocery store and get what I need for this menu. I do plan to stick to 'low fat' as much as possible. After typing this out, this menu doesn't seem too healthy.....I'm working on it! I really am. Go to Laura's for more menu's.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We're eating whatever's left in the freezer and pantry. Always makes for an interesting mix at the end of the month...


Jaime said...

I will definitely be trying that Chicken Stroganaff. Thanks for the recipe. Great menu!