Monday, January 12, 2009

MPM- Jan 12,2009

In keeping with my "Healthier Family" in 2009, here is my menu for this week. I've searched and scoured and found some recipes. I have to admit it is rather hard to find recipes when my hubs is so picky....I can't just fix veggies because he doesn't like many of them. How does one get her children to eat veggies that her hubby won't eat? That is a pickle.

Monday - Chili Beans & Rice (not sure how this will go is sans meat. Hubs thinks meat is a necessary part of every meal.)

Tuesday - Apricot Chicken Salad (from Jan. 2009 issue of Southern Living)

Wednesday - Gathering Meal at church

Thursday - Red Pepper Shrimp Pasta (whole wheat pasta- we will see how that goes over, too)

Friday - out to eat or leftovers

Saturday - the kids and I are headed to Belmont to visit some friends. Hubs will fend for himself or eat leftovers until we get back.

I am in dire need of healthy, cost effective ......not too Got any you'd like to share? Go on over to Laura's for more Menu Plan Monday. Now, I'm off to get my hair cut.

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