Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Gracious Plenty

I mentioned before that my oldest daughter, A, got a bracelet for Christmas. Santa got it from a great online shop called A Gracious Plenty.

Michelle, who owns A Gracious Plenty is a stay at home mom who runs this business from her home. And she went out of her way for us at Christmas. See, I was a little late in ordering the bracelet for Santa but she went ahead and made a bracelet for us anyway. Then, it got lost in the mail. I was so upset!

And if you'll allow a little aside here --- I have a question for the company who picked my package up and then promptly lost it. I will refrain from saying the name of the company (but it starts with Fed and ends with Ex). How is it that you pick it up and have the package listed IN your system that it is the seller's responsibility to find the package? I just don't understand that. You had it listed as being picked up and in your custody and yet, you have no responsibility for what happened to it? How is that exactly?

Thanks for letting me vent there for a second.....back to the story....

Since that company claimed no responsibility, they said to call the seller. So, Michelle saved the day --NOT to mention my 7 year old's Christmas. She engraved another bracelet that day and send it overnight to us.

I think it is a rare thing that someone will go beyond the call of duty and go out of the way for someone else especially at noon on Dec. 23rd.....I know that she was ready to devote time to her family. I cannot thank you enough, Michelle, for coming to our rescue. You saved A's Christmas --especially considering this was 1 of only 3 gifts she would get for Christmas. And she loves her new bracelet.

You are a blessing and I will be back to buy from you again when I need more jewelry.

Ya'll go check out her site. She has beautiful jewelry-- I am sure you can find just the right thing for yourself for Valentine's Day or for that special girl of yours. And if jewelry isn't your thing, she has tons of other personalized things. Go check it out! Be sure and tell her I sent ya!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. I'm off to work out on my new Wii Fit.


Deedra said...

What an awesome lady! The bracelet is so pretty too! I have a niece with a birthday soon, I will definitely check her out for a gift!

A Gracious Plenty said...

Mindy, thank you for your wonderful post! I love the picture of your daughter with her bracelet, too! (By the way, I have filed a claim with "that" company, as they still have not located the original package...)

Blessings to you and your beautiful family!


Sherry said...

What a sweet lady! You sure don't fine businesses that are quite that caring, especially with the tight schedules at Christmas. God bless her!

Becoming Me said...

That is wonderful. And such a sweet picture. Your daughter is a beauty

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Now that is awesome customer service. The company that starts with U and ends with PS took seven days to deliver an overnight package to me. Excellent, huh?

So glad you had a great holiday! One day we are going to see each other outside a funeral home..:)

Lisa said...

Off to check out the site.

That same company "delivered" a package to us that has yet to appear.