Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Part Deux

Did you all think that I got lost around here? Nope. Just the craziness of Christmas continued on and on and we just returned home on the evening of the first.....

On top of that- I have one very sick little boy. He has RSV. We spent most of yesterday (really - 3 hours!) at the doctor's office. Yuck. So, I'm spending lots of time watching him breathe and learning to give breathing treatments.....None of my girls ever had this.

Now, for posterity-- I'd like to share the rest of our Christmas with you.

On Christmas Day, we headed out to a little place outside of Greensboro, NC to visit K's dad and family. We had loads of fun opening presents there. The girls got rollerskates! They are really excited about them. There was also a a big gift for all 4 of the kids and that was a Thomas the Train table with lots of trains.....I'm not sure where it is going but we will find a place for it!

Aunt T gave all three girls something Barbie. A got a 35mm camera, M got these great walkie talkies and L got a cash register. She spent the next few days asking everyone to be the "checker girl/boy". That is after she was feeling better again. Yes, I had girl #2 come down with the stomach bug that M had right before Christmas. So far, we've not passed that particular bug on to anyone else...

K DID get his Wii -- and we played lots of games on it and me, I got a beautiful new laptop! Just what I was wanting!!!
This is me when I opened my gift. I was so surprised! I really thought that if K didn't get me a laptop for my birthday/Christmas that I wouldn't get it. And since my camera broke and I got a new one for my birthday....and then I got the Wii Fit for Christmas from him, I really thought the laptop wasn't coming this year.
Here is another picture I wanted to share. A with all her pads on so she can go rollerskating! So cute!
And lastly, I wanted to share this picture. This is my hubby's 92 year old grandmother and B. I just love this picture!

We stayed and visited with Granddaddy and Nana Lee Anne until Saturday afternoon. We then headed back to our home so that K could preach on Sunday.

On Saturday evening, (yes a week ago) B started coughing --more like barking. Yep - he's been sick for a whole week now....

We left Sunday afternoon for Georgia to see my family. I will share that in the next post.

Have a great Saturday ya'll!


Wendy said...

We have a breathing machine and we have to use it several times a year. I don't like it, but it seems to help their coughs. Drennan and Micah have had RSV before. Not fun. Hopefully your little one will feel better soon. Oh and I wanted to say that the Moms in my Gingerbread House post were all there, just not in the pics. Mostly just watching while the kids did all the work.
And Happy Belated Birthday!!

Lisa said...

Prayers for B and what a GREAT Christmas!

Christi said...

You really got some great toys for Christmas! I hope your little one is feeling better. My kids always seem to get sick during Christmas break.

Cheryl said...

Hopy your baby boy feels better soon!