Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas part 3

This is the last Christmas post - I promise. We came home from Greensboro on Saturday. I noticed that B was coughing again, and was beginning to sound really croupy so Sunday morning I went to early service and called the doctor. She called us in some meds because my other option was going to the ER.....and since we were to leave for Georgia that afternoon, I didn't want to sit in the ER.

We did go to Georgia to celebrate Christmas with my Mom's family on Sunday. Here are some pictures of our time there.

These first few are just some pictures of the madness that ensued once we started opening presents. It's a free for all!

In my Mom's family, we adult children and spouses draw names. One of the names K and I got was my youngest step-sister, L's name. I got her a travel jewelry roll-up case. I think she liked it!

My sister and her husband got K's name. They got him a scarf and a toboggan.....I KNOW he likes them! Thanks, Ginger!

The girls got new baby dolls, accessories for their American Dolls, adorable purses from Uncle H and his girlfriend S among other things.
The next day, we drove to Chattanooga and ate lunch at Krystal. We don't have Krystal's in North Carolina and I cannot tell you how much I miss it. Every time we go to Georgia, I must eat there at least once. This time - I ate there twice. Yes - I think I put on 10 lbs over the holidays!

That night we celebrated Christmas with my Dad and his girlfriend, who we call Na Na. Pronounced with a long A sound. They got the girls makeup kits!
Here is my sister helping M with hers.

And Pa Pa helping L.

A's actual response was "WWWOOOOWWW!!!"

Here is Na Na with B.

On Tuesday, K went golfing with my Dad. So, Mom, Ginger, the kids and I visited with my grandparents. And just had a day of hanging out.
On Wednesday, my Mom and I (and poor sick B) went shopping. I got some Christmas money ad got myself a couple of new things. A couple of turtlenecks from The G*ap. And a beautiful purple sweater from B*ana*na Re*pub*lic. And many, many things for the kids. Well - not that many but I hardly ever get to just shop and buy what I want so I frelt like it was many, many and I really did get great deals. For instance, I got L an dress from G*ap Kids for $7.99. And B four different outfits ( tops and bottoms) for $8.99 each from Gym*boree.....See-- GOOD DEALS!!

Then we headed home on New Years Day.
I hope that ya'lls Christmases were all as blessed as ours was and a with a whole lot less sickness!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I hope your son is feeling better. Scary stuff. We have a ton of church people very sick right now. Praying for continued health in our household...especially since school starts back tomorrow. I so need my youngins to make that journey!


DonnaMc said...

I've been loving all the Christmas posting, Mindy. Sorry we didn't get to see you while you were home. I hope little B gets much better soon and I hope to meet him before he gets grown

Wife of Rob said...

Hey Mindy!

I'm laughing my head off about the "Krystals" comment! Here in AL, there is one on every corner. My hubby's dad is the same way that you are....that's what he wants when he comes here! We spent Christmas with him in Beaufort NC....not sure how far that was from you, but we had a great time there.

Love the pics,