Monday, December 8, 2008

To DO and MPM

I have so much on my to do list today and this week that it took two (note pad size) sticky notes to write it all out....

Here is a sampling....

Starting with today--

It is laundry day at my house and it started out all wrong when I realized that I left the last load of laundry I did (always it's sheets) in the least they were dry....but I hate folding sheets......and now I have to do it twice this week.....uggghhhh.

SO - there's that - lots of laundry.

I have a brunch to attend at 10:30 am

After that I have to get groceries (we have NO food in our house)

I will come back home and do these things before picking up the girls from school:

Make phone calls for church

More laundry

Since I probably won't be back until about 1 PM (if not after) that is all I will have time to do....

THEN it's 2PM - pick up girls from school (wait in line anyway and do my quiet time -- definitely need this today)

3:30 - 4:30 is dance for A -- Homework and get ready for the evening for the rest of us.

4:45 -- supper

6PM - M's PTO program

After that we will come home and get everyone ready for bed..... and begin again tomorrow =)

The rest of the week looks no less busy let me tell ya....I have a house cleaning to do, Christmas and birthday gifts to buy, Bible study to prepare for and lead on Wednesday, Christmas party (for church) to attend on Thursday, Thank you notes and Christmas cards to finish and get out, decorating still to do and prepare for our weekend and various other things to do......

SO , in light of all that -- here is my menu for this week.

M - eat out (see above)

T- Garlic shrimp and grits (fast, easy and delicious even if it isn't that healthy)

W- Gathering at church

T - me party (see above) -- Hubs and children - pizza

F- we are headed out of town

I really wish this menu was healthier.....I hate that my busy-ness compromises my ability to prepare healthy meals for my family. For more great menu plans go visit Laura!

Ya'll have a great Monday. And I'm off!


Lisa said...

Fingers crossed that you get everything done and some down time!!

Cyndi said...

I had to chuckle when I read that you had to use two (pad-sized!) post its to list your "to do's"! I do that, too! As I list things out during my morning/quiet time, sometime my dining table is lined with post-its before I get up, LOL. Well, I hope you get all that matters done, and your menu looks great! :)