Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Since I didn't have a camera before but I do now -- I thought I'd share some of my Christmas decorations to you all.... I do not profess to make the best pictures but here goes.

The tree

The entrance of our house.
We don't really have a 'front' door
because of the way our house sits.

Some close ups from the outside:
A lantern on the side table.
My grapevine tree beside the door.
It is looking a little crooked.....

This is my snowman. Usually he dons a hat,
a scarf and boots. This hasn't been done
yet this year. It will be done soon,though, as
he stays out all winter in hopes of snow.

Another lantern.

The arrangement I made for my patio table.

Inside, I made a couple of flower arrangements.
This is one of them.

And lastly, my fireplace.

And that is it folks. This year, I didn't do that much decorating. Next year, I will have an open house at the parsonage and I will do much better.
Ya'll have a great day. I'll be back soon to share our wonderful Christmas with you.


Sherry said...

Your decorations on just beautiful! Fresh greenry! I use artifcial b/c I like to have it up for the maximum time possible, but I really prefer fresh. I did have a fresh arrangement w/candles for our Christmas brunch. Your arrangements are so pretty. You are very talented!

ChristiS said...

Hey, Mindy... I think we went to high school together!! I was Christi Copeland, and am the same age as Lisa (The Preacher's Wife) sister Christi. I'd love to catch up, esp. since I'm a United Methodist preacher's fact, that's how I came to be in RossVegas, as my dad was the minister of McFarland UMC at the time!
Hope to hear from you!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

It looks beautiful!

Donna Mc said...

Very good job, Mindy...I especially love the Snowman...had never thought of that, it may have to be in my list of to-do's for next Christmas if you don't mind if I copy :-)
Your dad, Sandra, Ginger and Tim were at my house last night for a little while. We had to call on the "Electrician H A" to fix a problem our Christmas lights had caused....didn't take him but a second and all was well.
Thanks again HA if you happen to read this.