Wednesday, December 24, 2008

35 and Merry Christmas!

Well, it's here....

My 35th birthday. I really thought that I would wake up this morning and be quite sad about being 35. With all the struggles I've had with fear in the last few years, I really thought I'd be upset about being a year older and therefore, closer to dying.....(Irrational I know - but still my struggle in the past few years).

However, as I stood in our kitchen watching my children eating their poptarts and cereal (we are all about healthy breakfasts in this house ;) ) I was overcome with a feeling of being blessed. The Lord has greatly blessed me with this family of mine. I love them so much.

My eyes filled with tears and my 5 year old, M, said "Uh oh! Mom, your eyes are watering!"

After breakfast, my family gave me their gifts.
The girls went to visit with a very sweet lady from our church yesterday and she helped them make these for my birthday.

They are little angels with their faces on them....And they made a 4th one to put B's picture on. And amazingly, the girls kept it a secret until I opened them this morning. I am so touched that this precious lady took the time to help my girls make a birthday present for me.

OH - and did you notice -- there is a picture of them here!!!! That is right! I got a camera for my birthday---- Can I get a Hip Hip Hooray?!!? I know ya'll are all happy because you won't have to hear any more whining about not having a camera. =) This is the camera I got - A Canon Powershot 1000. I love that it is small enough to fit in my purse to take with me all the time!

Now, if you'll excuse me-- I'm off to get LOTS done today before heading out of town tomorrow afternoon.....Not to mention that I've got loads of learning to do about my new camera.

SO, from my family to yours -- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

I did NOT take this picture. This is one of the shots we got when we went to have family pictures made a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE that B is sleeping in this picture. Nikki did a great job. Go check out her website!!!!

Be back soon!


Lisa said...


Amanda Mae said...

Happy Birthday to wonderful YOU!
I was talking to Donna A. my SIL telling her it was your birthday and how I needed to call you... she said to tell you hello and that she really misses you.
I love your new camera and am soo glad it came for you b-day. Your girls photos pop up on our computer quite often and I always SMILE:) when I see the one of last Christmas when they are all eating cookies in front of the Christmas tree. Sofie doesn't say it (caus' she only 2 ya know) but I know she misses her wonderful playmates. We miss you and are thinking of you this season. Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas AND a VERY Happy Birthday!
Love and Hugs,
PS I will miss the girls in their PJ's tonight as we go to church to celebrate Christmas eve!

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday. I hope your day was special. Enjoy your new camera. I think that you will be happy with one that you can carry around with you all the time.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

Kris Moore said...

Happy bday, Mindy! Hope it was wonderful! How awesome to share such a special time with Christ...

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday all rolled up into one big hug! Hope your day and this one went smoothe. Glad mine is coming to an end.


Wife of Rob said...

Happy birthday Mindy! Mine is on Saturday! I'll be 36.....sigh..........

I hope that you had a great birthday!!

Christi said...

Happy Birthday Mindy! I'm so glad you got a camera for your birthday. I hope you had a fabulous birthday/Christmas.

Denise K. said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Oh you are just a spring chicken, so don't fret for a moment over your age. (I am 42 and it isn't so bad!) :-)

Your children are just darling and I pray that you all enjoyed a blessed Christmas together! :-)

Sherry said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great birthday! Congrats on the camera. I'm sure you will just love it!