Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

M came home from school last week and told us that she learned about S*arah Pa*lin at school that day. After a little more questioning we found out that her friend W's dad (who is over the Poly Sci. dept. at a nearby university) had come to her class to teach them about elections. They had a mock election. M told us she voted for Jo*hn McCai*n because "he has a girl for a helper".

Then this past Friday, we went to W's house for a little Halloween fun. Her Dad informed me that while he didn't know who M voted for, he did know that it was a tie in the classroom. There were 10 votes for each candidate because Kyle was absent that day. He said he told W. to find out who Kyle would be voting for.

Since I think that most children vote for who their parents are voting for, I believe that this election is going to be very close. Not to mention the fact that the polls are discussed all day -- everyday- on TV.

Today's the Day. Get out and rock the vote! But don't forget to pray for God's wisdom first.

I know I will be praying a lot today as I clean house. Have a great Tuesday everybody.


Lisa said...

Funny...I think that you are right.

Gavin's class had a mock election too. He said that he voted for Obama because he played basketball. Their class vote turned out 12 votes for Obama and 9 for McCain.

Christi said...

I never thought I would see the day when Georgia was a toss up state.

I'm sick about the election but I voted so that's all I can do. I have a feeling I will be up late tonight.

Cyndi said...

I just had a flashback of when I voted for Jimmy Carter in our fourth grade mock election. I'm not sure if that's who my parents voted for or not... Hm.

I'm just glad that God is sovereign! First thing this morning I read over Romans 13:1 and Proverbs 21:1... just to "remind" myself. Even though I know...