Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Scenes

So, yesterday we ended up at the mall in a town about an hour away. My girls love to go to the mall -- they aren't shoppers yet. But, they do love getting to eat in the food court and getting to play in the play area. They did both. Here are a couple of things I'd like to share with you, my friends.

We did some shopping and I did get a GREAT pair of jeans for less than $20 at B*an*ana Re*public.....I KNOW - that is an awesome price.
What wasn't so awesome is the size I had to get. 2 sizes bigger than pre-baby. Did you get that? 2 sizes BIGGER!!!! Yes, I am feeling rather shallow today. I am having a hard time getting over it ,though, too.

Also, we were walking around the mall and I see what I think is going to become Santa's picture place. Then I get closer and realize that Santa and Mrs. Claus are already there. I CANNOT believe it. Pretty soon it will be that Santa arrives at the mall before Halloween.........I just can't believe it. However, there is an upside. Our girls did go talk to the Clauses, so we now have the beginnings of a Christmas list..... Speaking of Christmas -- come back tomorrow because I've a question to ask of all you wise women!

Lastly, my 3 year old just asked me this question:

L: "Mom, what are those things that boys have?"

M: "What things?" (Knowing what she is asking but trying to clarify as not to answer what I thought she was asking......she was asking!)

L: "Those things on their bottoms"

M: "A pe*nis"

L: " Oh, yeah. I'm going to tell my sisters."

My how having a baby brother has changed our conversations. I've always tried to be correct in the 'terms' I use with my girls but until 2 months ago - -this wasn't a normal topic of conversation.....My, how a boy changes things.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh the joy of discovery. This won't be the last as far as boys are concerned. I promise you that!


Kim said...

Funny! With our boy being after 3 girls, I know what you mean! It gets very interesting when the boy gets old enough to notice it! : ) I'm still learning how to be a mommy to a boy!

Lisa said...

Teehee...the boys aren't nearly as interested in girl bits as I imagine the girls are with boys. You should have said, "ask your Daddy." ;)

Wendy said...

We are going to have our picture made with Santa in probably next week! Tad refuses to go to the mall at Christmas time. And I'm getting the same way. Too crowded and crazy.

And we have those same boy/girl conversations. Kids are very curious. :)

Deidre said...

O and I saw where Santa will be at our mall yesterday. I couldn't believe it was already time for that!

I just had the 'boy' conversation with a friend talking about how my girls are clueless when it comes to that because we don't have a boy in our home.