Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We left on Tuesday afternoon, and traveled to see my family in Georgia. I will have lots of pictures to share once I get home--- since I didn't bring the cord with me to be able to download pics. here ..... But, for now, it is 9:26 PM and my children are all sleeping mom, her husband and my own hubs are watching TV......and I'm stopping in to say that today I'm thankful for:

**Being in my hometown for a few days. It is so comfortable being in this familiar place.....With people who love and accept me no matter what.

**Being with family for exactly the same reason....

**Getting to catch up with family and friends.

**Children's girls have had so, so much fun seeing cousins today and that will continue on through this weekend.

**B's sweet smile.

**Excellent food made by loving hands of family.

**My God who provides all.
Hope you all have had a blessed Thanksgiving Day!


Lisa said...

Blessed indeed!

Cindy Brown said...

I happened upon your blog from one of my friends blogs and have really enjoyed roaming about. Sounds like you have a fun, exciting, busy life. I too am a SAHM to three. I have a 17 yr dd, 15 yr dd, and an 11 yr ds. I have homeschooled since my first was in first grade. We live in VA and raise horses, have been outnumbered by dogs and have a few barn cats just cause. I look forward to following your blog and hope you'll stop by mine as well.