Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

This past Friday, after we picked the girls up from school, we drove about an hour and a half to where Grammy and Granddaddy were camping. My stepsister's were there, too along with the husband of the one that is married.

We surprised Granddaddy because he didn't get to visit with us much when were were home last weekend due to work stuff. He was surprised!!! We had chili with them - my Mom makes the best chili - and brought along the ingredients to make S'mores.
To be honest my girls really like the idea of S'mores rather than the S'mores themselves. Here are a few pictures of our evening.

K and L roasting marshmellows.

M really enjoyed hers...for about 20 seconds -- then she gave it away.

This is one of my step-sisters and her husband, Granddaddy and A.

This is my other stepsister and A.

Then on Saturday, we hit the ground running beginning with breakfast for a Rotary Club Fundraiser. Pancakes and sausage-- it was delicious!

After the pancake breakfast, we headed on to the soccer fields. M's game was first and this was her last game. She received a medal.

I think she likes the medal better than she liked soccer!

After that, was A's game. Her last game is this coming weekend. I will be so happy that soccer is done for this year.

After we finished with soccer, we drove to Asheville to meet some friends. My camera died after I took the medal picture of M so I have no more pictures from our wonderful afternoon. We met our friends at the WNC Nature Center. We had lots of fun looking at all the local animals. There was a beaver there that posed every time someone walked by. Too funny! After that we drove down town to eat at this fabulous place! It was a great day!Our friends then joined us at our house where we put the kids to bed and we adults played a rip roaring game of Cranium. I love that game. If you like board games and don't know this one, you have to get it. It is so much fun. I will admit that the boys team won (but only after they cheated!).

Our friends joined us in worship on Sunday morning and then headed back home. The kids and I stayed home on Sunday because K had two meetings.....

I love weekends like this one. Full of memories. I hope my children remember these times with great joy. I know I will.


Lisa said...

FUN!! We should have coordinated...we were in Asheville on Saturday too!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh how fun! I love a good campfire on a cold winter night. :))

HOpe you are doing well! :)