Thursday, September 25, 2008

Water Park Fun

Last Thursday we picked A & M up from school after lunch and drove over to Gatlinburg. Their Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne were vacationing at Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort. I have been to Gatlinburg a myriad of times in my lifetime and I had no idea this place even existed. You can buy vacation property there but my in-laws don't have property there, they were just vacationing. Since Gatlinburg is just on the other side of the Smoky Mountains from us, we decided to drive over and visit since the resort had it's own water park. Wild Bear Falls was a lot of fun for the girls and gave us one last chance to go swimming this year.
A got really cold and didn't play for very long but M and L loved it. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon.This is a view of the children's area of the park. They also had two real water slides that actually went outside and came back inside. One was a flume type slide that K enjoyed. The other was one that you could ride on a raft with two people. The only one of our children tall enough to ride it was A.
She wanted no part of it......
There was a hot tub that the girls really liked getting in to warm up. Because it was recycled water, the children's areas were freezing cold.

There was a Lazy River that wound around. It was a favorite of everyone.

This huge bucket would fill with water and then dump out all over whoever was underneath it. M loved this and would run over to it every time the bell rang that said it was going to dump!

L loved the slides and all of the waterfalls, too.

And B. slept the day away, of course. He and I actually had a cabana (inside) that I could close off when it came time to nurse him.

After playing at the water park for a while, the grandparents took the kids to a playground on the resort property while K and I went to these outlet stores for a quick shopping trip. We were only able to go to a few stores but I got some great deals -- Stride R*ite boots for $10 - I'd say that is a GREAT deal. I only wish they'd had all three girls sizes!

We then went back and met the family for supper. And drove home with all 4 kids sleeping. It was great family time!

*sorry the pictures are greenish....I'm not too sure what it is from....*


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Looks like so much fun!

And baby B is just precious!!!

So, tell me, is it super different having a boy? :)

Lisa said...

What fun!! The kids are SO big!!

Amanda Mae said...

What great family time! I would love to hold and cuddle B. He looks so sweet. I showed S the picture of L in her boots and she said it was A. They do favor each other don't they. Now M has someone who favors her...very neat!
Hope to see you all soon :)

Wendy said...

That's cool that you're so close to Gatlinburg! The baby looks like he's growing. Hope all is well.

Hollie said...

I found your blog through Sara's and we visit Gatlinburg often and I didn't know about this place either. I'll have to check it out next time!!

eena said...

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