Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Our weekend was full of family. My sister came up to visit on Friday evening and stayed for the weekend. On Saturday morning, A & M both had soccer games so we spent the morning at the soccer field. Then on Saturday afternoon, PaPa and NaNa (my dad and his girlfriend) came for a visit to meet B for the first time. B has met all 4 sets of grandparents now. Yesterday, of course we went to church where K gave an excellent sermon. He is currently doing a series called Disciple where he is discussing the difference between being a 'christian' and being a disciple as Jesus called us to be. It has been a great series so far. Very challenging to everyone I think to look at the way Jesus called us to be rather than Christian in name only. It seems in this day and age that there are many, many people who call themselves Christian and may show up for church on a pretty regular basis-- yet their lives outside of church are vastly different. I think we all have those tendencies at times. I know this series is challenging me. The Lord has had a LOT to say to me in the midst of these past few weeks.

I am beginning to get back on track with my menu planning. So, here is this weeks menu.....

M - baked ziti, salad, bread and fruit

T - Between dance and soccer practice we will probably pick something up.....

W- church meal - this week's menu is BBQ =)

T- We are going over to Gatlinburg for the afternoon so we will eat out.

F-Grilled salmon, broccoli, brown rice, fruit

S - chicken, green beans, potatoes

S - out

This is my plan. However, I need to add a disclaimer to this plan. Things have been sort of crazy around here lately and we will have grandparents visiting again this weekend so I have no idea what to expect really for the weekend. Hope ya'll have a great Monday. Now - I must get back to the laundry.


Sherry said...

It sounds like things are getting back to normal -- or at least a new normal.

Your hub's sermon series is also a theme that running through some of the blogs this week -- actually living the life of a Christian, not just in name only. This series sounds really interesting. Would love to hear it.

Have a great week!

Wendy said...

Already back to cooking? Impressive. Of course I don't know what it's like to have a baby without a c-section. Can't cook for a while. Is the baby going to soccer? Just wondering, in case I ever have another. My others weren't into much whenever a new baby came. So I wondered how a newborn takes to the hot sun and lots of people.