Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby B. is here

I'd like to take just a moment to thank everyone for all of your prayers over the past week. I KNOW that your prayers and your verses that you all sent got me through this past Tuesday.
We had a very long day and a difficult delivery and throughout the day I felt your prayers as God gave me peace throughout the whole experience.
At exactly 4:54 PM on Tuesday, Baby B. was born. He weighed 8 lbs and 12 ozs.

Both he and I have been resting a lot. Between trying to rest some and trying to get back into the swing of 'school schedules' things have been crazy around here. Not to mention adding another member to the family. Sorry it took me so long to let you all know that we are both home and doing well.

I will do my best to get some pictures uploaded in short order.
Until then - have a great Labor Day weekend (what's left of it) everyone!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Send Up Some Prayers For Us!

Please send up some prayers for my family this week.

Today was my oldest daughter's first day of 1st grade. She was very nervous as it is a brand new school and she doesn't know anyone. Please say a prayer for her today. We said a prayer together this morning that God would send her a special friend today and I am believing he will.

Tomorrow is my middle daughter's first day of Kindergarten. Say a prayer for her, too. Though she doesn't seem as nervous. She has met about 3 children from her classroom already. She is more excited than anything. But, I won't get to take her to her first Mom will be doing that for us. Say a prayer for all of them.

Also, some of you mentioned that maybe the baby came since I've not posted over the weekend. such luck.
SO, we are to arrive at the hospital at 6AM tomorrow for the induction. Please be in prayer for us all. I've never been induced and because of that I have some added anxiety besides the normal labor and delivery anxiety. Specifically, if you don't mind - please pray for a healthy baby and mommy when is it all over tomorrow.
I am also very excited that this little boy will be here tomorrow!

And maybe add a little prayer that I can some sleep tonight.....=)

I have a million and one things to do today around the house to be ready for baby and company. Laundry....bathrooms to clean....clothes to iron....etc...etc....So, we will see ya'll when we are all home again.
And THANK YOU in advance. You don't know how much your prayers mean to me!
This is a very BIG week in our family life. Keep us in your prayers if you don't mind!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update on Baby

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and after being there an hour and half doing another biophysical profile, here is an update.
The baby's non-stress test still looks good. His heart rate is fine. I had an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid which is still at good levels. Also, his estimated weight right now (at 38 + 3 days) is 7lbs. 10 ozs.....Now, from what I understand late ultrasound weight estimates can be off my about a lb -- either way. So, that means he could be as small as 6 lbs, 10 ozs.....or he could be 8lbs, 1o ozs......And he still has another week to grow.
The doctor also said that I am about 2 cm. dilated and that the baby's head had moved down 'some'. So, this little one doesn't seem in any hurry to get here- definitely not in as much of a hurry to get here as his mama is to have him here.....
However, the doctor thinks it best to induce at 39 weeks so - if I do not go into labor naturally before hand, labor will be induced next Tuesday (the 26th).
I am hoping that the Lord will just decide it is time for this baby to come before then and that I will go into labor 'the natural way' sometime in the next few days. A. and M. start school next Monday and I would really like to have the baby and be home for the first day of school. Thanks so much for your prayers for me and your encouragement, too.
Please keep them going up in the next week for our family.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We've had a lot of firsts going on around here lately.

Last Friday we took a trip to Asheville to the mall -- that isn't a first. Asheville is the closest city to us that has a mall so we went to look for back to school clothing. We bought nothing -- which made my very frugal husband happy and made me feel like it was a wasted trip. Asheville is an hour away so I sort of felt that we wasted the gas to get there....

But then we went to a park after we were finished at the mall and the girls LOVED it. So, it made the trip well worth it all! This was the first time we've ever been to this park but we will definitely go back.

M. and L. loved being pushed by Daddy on the tire swing and A. really like the balance beam. M. also liked sliding down the pole!

Then, on Saturday morning A. and M. began outdoor soccer for the very first time. A. played indoor soccer last winter and loved it but this is the first time for either of them to do outdoor soccer.

My M. is such a girly girl that she insisted on having pink shin guards and pink soccer shorts. She had a good time at practice. Especially when they got to pair up and kick the ball back and forth......I think she and her partner liked holding hands best of all because the coach had to tell them to let go of hands so they could get to the next position.

A. joined in at her practice like she was an old pro. Her coach is really good about making practice fun for them. They play lots of games while they are learning actual soccer skills.

This morning brought our last first with L. starting pre-k for the very first time. She is going to a christian school that has a pre-k class. It meets at our church which is wonderful. Our commute consists of walking down the hill to the church. She will be going three mornings a week. After three years of being home with mommy while her sisters got to go to school, this child was beyond excited about starting school. So, armed with her new Dora backpack and her Hello Kitty lunch box, we headed off down the hill. She was a bit taken a back when we arrived and there was a child crying. I was afraid she would ask me to stay.....or maybe I was hoping. She went on in and started playing after just a moment. I cannot wait to go get her in a little bit and see what her favorite part of the day is!!!

Ya'll have a great Monday.....oh - and I have a dr. appt. this afternoon so ya'll say a little prayer that I'm dilating and getting ready to have this baby......I'm so ready!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Book Maker

This morning after my quiet time, I was checking email and making my blog rounds. My girls were in the next room excitedly discussing their "book" they were making. I had to go into the room to get a pen to make some notes when I heard my 5 year old say:

"The Illustrator is L.C.!"

I then asked her what an illustrator is....she did have it a bit confused with the author and we discussed the difference but I was just amazed she knew the word illustrator at all.

Then again - this is the same child who got an award in Preschool entitled "Future Illustrator's award" because she LOVES to make books.

I am a proud mama!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mind Matters - Part 2

First, I'd like to say thank you to all you ladies who said such nice things about my pregnant self.
I don't usually like to put pictures of myself on here but you all have just about made me feel quite good about my waddling self.
THANKS for all the encouragement!!

Now, to finish up my thoughts from yesterday and to ask for ya'll's help with something.
I've been a part of many of Beth Moore's bible studies over the past several years. And all of them have taught me so much. There are two, however, that I can say without a doubt that really have changed me and my thinking about a lot of things. These are Breaking Free and Believing God. In Breaking Free, there is a whole week about how we are to change our thoughts so that they are God's thoughts. The basic concept is this.

There is a battle raging in our minds. The battle is over our thoughts. Satan likes to slip all sorts of "bad" thinking into our minds. And, in my opinion, when Satan isn't trying to get me down with the thoughts he puts in my mind, I feel like I, in my sinful nature, do a pretty good job of getting my own self down. The way to combat this kind of thinking, I learned, is to know God's word and to replace those wrong thoughts with God's thoughts.
In order to replace those thoughts, though, we have to KNOW God's word.


I've been working at this for a long time now. I've had my "Truth Cards" for different things for a long time. Beth suggests that when you are struggling with a certain issue --take my latest issue of fear-- then you should look up every reference to that subject in the bible. Then write all of the verses on notecards and carry them with you everywhere. This helps you to replace your wrong thinking immediately by replacing wrong thoughts with God thoughts. Also, though. It should help me memorize and be able to recall more of God's word without having to have the bible in my hand to look it up or a card to read. This is the part I struggle with....the memorization.

Here is my request for you all. It is threefold.

First, since my big issue right now is a huge fear of dying, I'm asking for your all to send me verses that I can put on my truth cards. My intention is to write them all down on a new set of cards dedicated completely to this issue, to read them every time the fear creeps in. This is going to be especially true while I am waiting to go into labor and when I am in labor. Because the devil keeps trying to convince me that I am going to die in/ around childbirth this time.
Hubs has agreed that if I need him to while we are at the hospital, he will read my cards to me so I can work at replacing my wrong thoughts.

Second, what tips do you have for memorizing God's word? I have a few things that I do that seem to help some but I'm up for new suggestions. At 34, I seem to have lost the ability to remember things.....and I just hate that!

Third, please do pray for me in the next few weeks. Pray specifically, that God will take away this fear of death and heal my unbelief and lack of trust. I've been fighting this battle for the past two and a half years and quite frankly, I'm weary from the battle.
While I don't believe that this battle is from God, I do think that he is using it to teach me to trust and believe fully. Pray that I will learn the lesson quickly.
And lastly, please pray for my upcoming labor and delivery. For a healthy mom and baby. There is still a little anxiety related to the baby being born healthy due to the umbilical cord issue. Pray that he will be. I try not to dwell on that!

Thanks everyone. I look forward to getting all the help I can get!
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mind Matters - Part 1

One of the things I love most is to be in bible study with other women. Sometimes I lead these studies and sometimes I am just part of them. No matter how I'm involved I love doing bible studies and learning about God and growing in Him. Since it is summer and since we moved a little while back, I'm not involved in either leading or participating in a group study.
When I am in a season like this one - when I don't have a study to do with other women, I try to continue my learning by doing studies alone during my quiet time each day. Right now I am working through Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart- God's Dwelling Place. This is a study I've had for a long time. In fact, years ago, I lead a group of women through it. Right up to week 7 when they decided it was too hard and all quit on me.
I've always wanted to finish it, so that is what I am working through right now. And although I've been spoiled with always having Beth's video's to watch and her commentary to add to the lessons, I am learning so much. I'm only in week three right now so I'm in the process of 'preparing my heart' to study the building of the OT Tabernacle.

Yesterday my lesson was about the things that God asked the Israelites to bring to Him as freewill offerings that would be the foundation of the temple. These things, of course, were gold, silver, bronze and precious stones. In the lesson I learned that these precious metals can all be 'tested by fire' and come through that fire refined. We as NT Christians are to build our foundations on Christ. When we do that, then we too can be 'tested by fire' and refined. Beth spoke of a time when all of our works will be tested by our God, who is a consuming fire. That got me wondering what of my works in this world would stand through the test of the all consuming fire of our Lord.

Beth asked the question -- What do I spend my time and effort on?
I realized that there are things in my life that would burn up. Things that wouldn't be refined or build my character. Things like complaining, selfishness, wanting my children to obey for the sake of obedience instead of to grow closer to God.

And the biggest thing I expend energy on that will burn up -- FEAR. A couple of nights ago, I had a melt down. Fear took over and I got so scared about going in to labor and delivering this baby. The devil still has a foothold in the area of my life apparently, because I can still become so filled with a fear of dying that it almost paralyzes me. [sidenote here - I also always feel guilty for not wanting to die....what could be better than getting to go to heaven and be with God? I feel guilty for wanting to live a long life here and see my children grow up. I feel really selfish!]
I know that God doesn't want me to fear like this. I know that HE doesn't give anyone a spirit of fear. AND I know that there is only one way to change the way that I expend my energy. And that is only by renewing my mind...
In my next post, I will talk about how to renew my mind and how you can help. Until then, please pray for me.
I am full of some crazy emotions right now.
Fear is a big one.
I also went to the doctor yesterday and at 37 weeks + 2 days I thought for sure I'd be dilated -- I was dilated to 3 with my last daughter by this time. I was very disappointed to hear that I "might be dilated a finger tip" and that "my cervix is still really long".
As much as I as scared to death of going into labor this time, I'm also really disappointed and frustrated that it's not time yet. I am so ready for this little boy to be here and for the whole process of labor and delivery to be over and done with.

Thanks, ladies for reading my rambling today and I hope you all have a great Tuesday. I'm excited that I really do KNOW how to renew my mind, but I'm gonna need your help. See ya next time!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Belly Shots

Ok....for those of you who have asked here is a recent picture of my big ole belly.

These were from a week ago at 36 weeks and 36 weeks and 1 day so if you can believe it -- I'm even bigger now.....(i was hoping it wasn't possible).

This first one was taken at M.'s birthday party.....

And the second one was taken the next day before church.....For some reason my belly looks smaller to me in the second one..
Maybe the black sweater because it couldn't possibly be the white dress.
And for those of you who thought that I would show actually belly shots, know this. I'd never subject you to such torture.
I have a couple of those pics. from recently but they may never even make it into the baby book....My belly looks like a road map with all the purple stretch marks.......
Have a great Monday everybody

Menu Plan Monday

I don't have much time this morning so for now I leave my menu plan for this week.

My girls were out of town in Georgia last week so I didn't cook a whole lot for just the two of us. The girls are back now and in just two weeks - school starts again. (I can't believe it).

Here is the plan....

M - Chicken Tacos ( in the crockpot), black beans, spanish rice

T - Grilled Salmon, broccoli w/lime, fried potatoes

W - Breakfast for Supper -- French Toast and bacon

T- Spaghetti Rancetto , salad, Italian bread

F- leftovers buffet

S - Hamburgers, French Fries

S - out to eat

Of course, this is all contingent on my not going into labor this week.

For more Menu Plans go on over and see Laura.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flip Flop Fun

Our middle daugther, M., turned 5 on August 2. Let me tell you just a little bit about her. M. figured out long ago what it means to be the 'middle' child. I thought we had done all we could, to keep that "middle child syndrome" from showing up at our house but somehow, it happened anyway. M. will NOT be left out! Because of the 'middle child' stuff, M. loves it when she can be the center of attention. However, being the center of attention is also hard for her because it brings out her shyness. Her NaNa and PaPa sent her a balloon bouquet for her birthday. When it came, I sent M. to the door to get it. The lady said, "Are you M.?"
M. just nodded
The lady said, "I've been looking for you."
And I thought M. might just turn around and run. But she didn't. She took the balloons from the lady but refused to speak in order to say thank you.
M. is my only blond, blue eyed little girl and she takes great pride in that most of the time. Although, she is holding out hope that her baby brother is going to receive all those recessive genes that she got. She tells everyone that she looks like Grammy and Uncle H. (who are both blond).

M. has a sweet, sweet personality and she loves her sisters dearly. But, if wrongly accused - everyone better watch out. She will explode into tears and you can't even talk to her. Or understand what she might be saying to you, either. She wants (and expects) everything to be fair. It breaks my heart to watch her have to learn that life just isn't that way.

M. is also a thinker. She thinks about a lot of things and asks many, many questions to which I usually don't have answers.
M. is also a girl who, once she has made her mind up, doesn't waiver in her decisions. A couple of weeks ago, I told my older two girls that they had two weeks to decide whether or not they wanted to take dance this year or not so we could sign up. M. informed me that she didn't need two weeks to decide. She already knew that she wanted to take gymnastics and not dance this year. Her birthday present was NO exception. She wanted a new bike. A barbie bike to be exact. We went and looked at bikes and she did not for even one minute want to look at anything that didn't have barbie on it.

We have a rule in our family that we only have big "friends" birthday parties when someone turns 5, 10, or 16. Our M. has been looking forward to her 5th birthday since her big sister's party two years ago. So, we spent most of the end of last week preparing for the party.
M. chose to have a pool party. I was so worried about her party since we had just moved 2 hours from all of her friends and I was afraid that we wouldn't know enough people in just 5 weeks to invite. However, the whole day was a big success -- full of friends old and new who took time out of their day to celebrate with M. It was so great to see everyone!

This pool was in a town about 30 mintues away from where we live now. It was an indoor pool that had a whole water park kind of area. It started out very shallow with lots of water spouts and gradually got deeper. It stayed at 3 ft. so most of the kids could stand up in it. At the very end though, it did deepen to 4 ft. and had a water slide. The older kids loved this part. I think we had a couple who spent the entire two hours just going down the slide. I apparently didn't get a picture of the slide.

After the swimming we went to another room for cake and ice cream. And for M. to open her gifts.
Another case in point about M. never changing her mind is her birthday cake seen here. The invitations we sent out had flip flops on them. I tried (HARD) to stir her toward a cake that would fit that theme....She would have none of it. She saw this cake that has Lilo and Stitch on it and had to have it. Can I just tell ya'll that I don't know for sure that she has ever even seen the movie 'Lilo and Stitch'.....

I think we all had a really fun day and my M. had the best day ever! Thanks to all of our sweet friends for making it such a special day for her. I think it will be one she will NEVER forget! Happy 5th Birthday, M.!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shower of Blessings

Our week got really busy at the end of last week.

Last Wednesday night (yes-a week ago tonight....I know I am behind-remember, I had blogger problems), my family was so blessed to be honored at a baby shower at our church. To say that I am humbled by the out pouring of love from these folks is an understatement. We have literally been here now for about 5 weeks and I am here to tell you that our baby boy will now have plenty of blue things to wear.Which is a blessing in itself since most of our stuff was pink and covered with princesses.

Everyone was so kind to all of us! As is evident in this picture. This table was full of gifts just for the girls. They also had 3 little corsages made just for the girls. Even though the girls wouldn't put them on (I was a little bit mortified that they refused the corsages!) - they were made to feel incredibly special and I cannot thank you all enough for that!They also LOVED all the things that were given to each of them. Just look at M. here. She loved this little bear!

And -- just look at all these yummy desserts! DELICIOUS!!!! You can see how much L. enjoyed them!

A. also enjoyed playing Vanna White and showing the gifts around to everyone.

It was such a wonderful night. I've separated everything by size. Now I just gotta get all the tiny stuff washed so he can wear it when he arrives. Thanks again, ladies. You will never know what a blessing this shower was to us. And while we are so excited to have things for this little boy to wear, it is even more of a blessing because once again, you've shown us such love and welcome in the short time we've been here. Thanks ever so much!

For those of you out there in blogland, who have mentioned that you've not seen any pics. of my very pregnant self, I'm looking for one to show you. I think there is one that will work (I'm not photogenic at all) in the birthday pictures. So, check back later this week.....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mixed Emotions

This evening I am a mixed bag of emotions.

The first - anxiousness.
I am now 36 weeks pregnant (and two days - but whose counting?).

I have been going to the doctor twice a week lately to have Non-Stress Tests just to be sure everything is going alright with this little boy because of the SAU thing.

Today, I had a biophysical profile done, which basically means that I did the Non-Stress test plus an ultrasound.

Can I tell you how much it disturbed me to find that this little boy isn't so little.....his estimated weight was 7 lbs 1 oz.......Ya'll. Two weeks ago his weight was 5 lbs. 8 ozs. At this rate, by the time he is born, he will be at least 9 lbs.

Did I ever mention to ya'll how small I am? I am 5 feet tall.....sometimes I like to boost my ego and give myself an extra inch , telling folks I'm 5'1".....but really, that is if only I add the shoes. I am a small framed person and I do remember that delivered my last daughter who weighed a whopping 8 lbs. 7 ozs. wasn't an easy feat for me.....I am not in the least excited about the prospects of a 9 lb. baby.
However, I should have known that this was the case, when the nurse measured my (HUGE) belly today before the doctor came in and her comment was "Whoa, baby!".

The second - excitement.
There is this bit of respite though. I asked the doctor if he would induce me if the baby gets too big. He said he was planning to induce me at 39 weeks but not because of the his size but because of the umbilical cord thing. So, I've done some figuring in my head and since my doctor's day to be 'on call' at the hospital is on Thursday's and the nurse said that they do not induce on weekends (when I will be 39 weeks exactly) -- I'm hoping for 38 weeks and 5 days -- which gives me about 2 1/2 weeks more to go! HOORAY!!!!!

The doctor was pleased with the baby's growth though because he said that the weight gain shows that the baby is growing as he should and that he is getting the nutrition he needs despite the SUA. I know that is is supposed to make me feel better and it does.....sort of.

The third - fear.
I've never been induced before and I know that really it is better for everyone involved to allow nature to take it's course but I will do whatever the doctor thinks is best. But, ya'll know my fear and anxiety issues so please, be in prayer for me in the next few weeks.

The fourth - sadness/joy
My 3 girls are in Georgia visiting grandparents this week. I'm sad because I miss them so much. But I am also joyful that they are enjoying their time so much and for the time I have to spend with hubby this week. It's just so darn quiet around here.....

The fifth - frustration!!
I have two other posts that I started this evening to share with you all from the past week ,but for some reason Blogger won't cooperate and allow me to post the pictures I want to share with you all. UGGHHHH!!!
Another frustration is that I just allowed 2 really good deals get by me on eBay while I've been venting to you all about my other frustration. Ironic - isn't it?!!?

So, now if you'll excuse me, I'm headed to drown out all these mixed emotions by the monotony of finishing the laundry (emotion - boredom) and then eventually eating some raspberry sherbet (emotion - pure bliss) that is waiting in my freezer for me. Hopefully, I can share the other posts with you all tomorrow!