Thursday, July 3, 2008

To remember

A. and I were sitting in our living room last night watching a praying mantis on the window. That brought up lots of questions about why it is called a praying mantis and why was it on our window.

To the question of why he was on our window, I replied, "Maybe he is there to remind you to pray."

A few minutes later A. said, "I prayed and he didn't go away."

Then she asked, "Why is the sky blue?" I said, "Because that is how God made it."

She asked "Why are we God's servants?" I said,"Because we love him and we should want to serve him."

A little later, her dad came into the room and I was recapping our conversation with him thinking he might have something to add. When I got to that she asked why are we God's servants, hubs said, "Why are we God's servants...." and he was indeed going to add something for A.'s benefit.

A interrupted and said, " I know why we are God's servants!"

K said "Why?"

A said, "Because he created us!"

I think that says it all......


Sherry said...

It's amazing how our little ones do "get it". They can come up with some pretty deep statements. A definitely gets it!

Are you getting settled?

Lisa said...

VERY cool. She is such a smart girl.