Monday, June 9, 2008

Godly Friends/ Parenting Books

Yesterday afternoon, after church, I drove my children to a friends house to stay for the week. It is about an hour and a half away, and I miss them like crazy this morning. I know they are having a blast though and that I will be able to get LOTS of packing done with them gone this week.
It really is a blessing that these friends offered to keep the girls this week all the way around.

After I dropped the girls off, I went to meet with my VW's group one last time. VW's is a bible study group that I've been a part of for the past 4 years. None of the ladies are from the same town I live in now. In fact, they are all from the town I lived in previously to this one but we have been blessed by the Lord to be able to meet monthly at a place half way between us. It was only about 45 minutes away for all of us.

What a blessing for us to be able to continue to learn about our Lord together and to be able to continue our friendships together for the past two years that I've not been a part of that community. Our friendships have grown closer and I cannot tell you how much these women mean to me.

I know I've talked before about how lonely being a pastor's wife can be. It is hard, for me, to find true friends who will stick by me for the "long haul" -- even when I've moved to a new place of ministry. These girls have done exactly that. It was so hard a while back when I had to tell them that we were once again being asked to move. And that it will put an end to our monthly meetings because I am moving two hours farther away.
I am so sad that I won't be able to meet with these girls monthly anymore. There have been some really tough months in the last two years and some months it was all I could do to hold out to meet with these girls on the third Thursday.

I know that they will continue on meeting as a group and discussing another book or doing another bible study together and I really do HATE that I can't do it with them anymore. However, we plan to still get together and do things together every couple of months or so in order to continue growing our friendships. This shows what wonderful friends they really are. I thought before telling them of the move that this would be the end of it. That they would become like many others who I don't talk to often and whose friendship just fades away because let's be honest, distance makes things harder. It was their idea to continue to get together. I love them so much that they want to continue and put effort into our friendships. They are truly God's blessings to me. And I am ever so grateful for each of them!

Last night we met and they surprised me with an impromptu baby shower. I was surprised and blessed as will be our new baby boy by the sweet gifts from these girls.
We also discussed the last two chapters of the book we've worked on for the past year. We've been reading Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. It was a great parenting resource in a lot of ways. This book has made me very aware of my reactions in anger to things my children do as well as making me aware that changing behavior starts with the heart and not just the behavior.
I did find it to be a rather difficult read though. And I would have liked it better if it would've given me a few more practical ways to deal with behavior. The concepts are great but I need to be told exactly what to do when reading scripture with my 6 year old isn't working as it should.
So, I am wondering -- anyone out there know any other good christian books on parenting?

I feel like Shepherding A Child's Heart was definitely worth the past year of study but that I need more. Any suggestions out there?

I can't wait to see what ya'll have for me.
I gotta go now and get some packing done. I will check back in with ya'll as soon as I can.
Have a great Monday everybody.

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Janelle & Ella said...

Hey Mindy!! I'm so sorry you have to leave your close friends! I know how hard that is. But deep friendships have a way to keep in touch even though physically you are far away.
A GREAT christian parenting book is "Don't Make Me Count To Three!" By Ginger Plowman.