Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Call

I promised last week to tell you about something God is doing in our lives that has brought on an myriad of emotions for my family.

Two weeks ago now, I was cleaning house -- probably dusting as that is one of my usual Wednesday chores-- when my husband calls me and says," Guess what?". Now, this was not a happy guess what - as in guess what, we just won a trip to Bermuda. No, it was more of a unhappy guess what - as in guess what, I just got a speeding ticket.
So, I say "What?"
He says, " I just got the call"
Since this call came totally out of the blue, I had no idea what he was talking about. But, here is what the call was about.
It was a call from our district superintendent to tell us that we would be moving this year.

Now I know that a lot of you out there aren't United Methodist clergy as we are, so let me explain just a little bit about how this all happens.
In the Methodist church, pastor's are on an 'itinerant system'. Pastors are appointed to a church in their specific conference (ours being Western North Carolina).. We have been appointed to the church we are serving now for the past two years. When a church or a pastor feels that a new appointment is warranted, they let the district superintendent know and they go on what is commonly called "the move list". Then the cabinet, which is made up of the district superintendents and a Bishop, meets and decide (based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I believe) where each person on this list should to appointed.
They do their best not to move people who are not on "the move list", but sometimes something happens and they have to begin calling people who aren't planning to move and having them move. This is what happened to us.
Note: If any of you reading this are Methodist and have more to add about the moving process (or corrections if I've made a mistake), please feel free!

So, over the past two weeks we have felt lots of different emotions.

**Shock, that after only two years (contrary to popular belief - Methodists don't necessarily move every 4 years....) in this place that we are to be moving on.

** Sad, that we are leaving people we've come to know and love.

**Excited, for the new place that we are going. A new place to be in ministry for God.

**Anxious, about all of the things we need to accomplish since we move in only 8 weeks.

And probably a million other emotions that I haven't even gotten to yet.

I think the thing I am most excited about is that I know that this move is what God wants. After all the learning I've done in the past year about trusting HIM fully, I do believe that this is His will. I know there are those who are very skeptical of that out there, but for me - to not trust isn't an option. He is sovereign. He is guiding and leading us all. His will WILL be done. It is easy to get bogged down in the what ifs?
What if the Cabinet has made a mistake?
What if we aren't supposed to move?
But, I know that in Romans it says that ALL things - -not some things or sometimes or once in a while-- work together for the good of those who are called according to HIS purpose.
We have to trust God and believe that he is sovereign over all.

I also believe that my husband was called by God to be a Methodist minister and because of that call we will go where he sends us -- without complaint about time or how inconvenient it is right now.

To all you sweet folks who are in our church and are hurting over this news, please know that we hurt right along with you. And that we love each of you dearly. We will miss you dearly. But, we must go where God is leading us. And we trust that it is HE who is doing the leading.
I hope you can, too!

Everyone else out there, please pray for all of us in the next two months. There is lots to do and lots to prepare for. I appreciate your prayers!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And the winner is.....

Hi everyone.
I will be sending out my personal copy of A Mother's Heart Knows to Mrs. Joe B.

See ya'll tomorrow. My family and I have to make a day trip out of town to a place that I promise to let ya'll in on tomorrow!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lies Women Believe Blog Study Discussion 4

Good Monday morning everyone. I hope that each of you had a wonderful weekend!
I am caught up on my reading for my Lies Women Believe Blog Study, so here are my answers to this weeks questions.

1. Read Psalm 139: 1 -18. What do you learn from this psalm about God's heart and thoughts toward you?
This is one of my favorite psalms. Being pregnant right now, all of the stuff about "forming me in my mother's womb" speaks greatly of HIS love for me. I love the reassurance it gives me to know that God is watching my baby boy grow and knows every detail about him. Even with ultrasounds, I can't know that everything is as it should be.....but God knows.
And I really like the way the Message translates verse 16:

Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I'd even lived one day.

This speaks to my issues with fear. God knows how long my life will be and there is nothing I can do to change it so - why should I be afraid? I try to remind myself about this from time to time.

3. Read Colossians 3: 1- 17. On the basis of who Christ is and what he has done for us, the apostle Paul tells us we are responsible to make godly choices in every area of life, including our attitudes, our behavior, and our relationships. What are we to 'put off' and what are we to 'put on'?
We are to put off anything that is of a earthly nature. We are to put on things that are of Jesus' nature -- like the fruits of the spirit.

4. In Galatians 5: 22 -23, what does Paul promise that the Holy Spirit will help to do in our lives?
Dwell in us as these fruits of the spirit.

Memory work:

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free...."Galatians 5:1

I have a very busy schedule to keep today. I promised my daughters I would come to school and eat lunch with them --- school pizza -- yummy.
And I must run some errands, get on the laundry and feed the two little ones here before I can leave to go and do that. And since my sweet hubby has agreed to come home a little early and stay with the two little ones here while I go eat with the bigger girls, I won't pass up the opportunity. SO, unfortunately, I must go get these things done. I wish I had more time today to spend commenting on this study (which I am loving) and discussing it with you all. Hopefully I can catch up later on!
If you want to participate in this study or want to read other's input, go on over to Karen's blog.
I hope that each of you has a great Monday and I will talk to ya'll tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I haven't done a thankful thursday in a while and I thought I would just share my heart this morning.

Today I am thankful for:

***The BEAUTIFUL weather outside

***These sweet faces who are loving the warm weather!

***The sweet baby boy that jostles around in my tummy all day (and all night - he is really busy already) to let me know he is in there!

***And last but definitely not least the work God is doing in my life and the life of my family. It is sad, exciting and scary all at the same time.

I will share more about that next week I promise. But if you think about it, be in prayer for us this week.

Have a fab. thursday everybody!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mother's Day Gift and Contest

Hi everybody.
I want to share with you today about this great little gift book for Mother's Day. It is called "A Mother's Heart Knows" and is filled with all of the wonderful things a Mother's Heart really does know. It reminds us of all we as mom's do and who we are. And each page has beautiful pictures, too.
One of the things I like best about this book is that all of the royalty proceeds from this book go to an organization called WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger). and a student missionary scholarship. WINGS is a non-profit organization that provides a domestic violence shelter for women and their children in addition to transitional housing and programs.

To me, these are just added reasons why this is a perfect gift to give those special mother's in you life. Whether it is your mom, your spouses mom, or even a friend who is a mom who you know could use the encouragement in this book!

A Mother's Heart Knows is by Margaret McSweeney. Margaret lives with her husband and two daughters in a Chicago suburb. Her book, A Mother’s Heart Knows was published by Thomas Nelson in 2005. Go Back and Be Happy, a co-authored book will be published by Lion Hudson in July 2008. Margaret has been featured on Greg Wheatly’s “Prime Time America,” TLN’s “Aspiring Women,” and LeSea’s “The Harvest Show.” Margaret writes freelance articles for The Daily Herald, the largest suburban Chicago newspaper. Notable interviews include Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Kinkade, Susan Branch and Dr. John Gottman. Margaret also wrote a feature article for With a master’s degree in international business, Margaret became a vice president in the corporate finance division of a New York City bank and worked there from 1986-1993. Supporting charitable causes is important to Margaret. For the past five years, she has served on the board of directors for WINGS, an organization that helps abused women and their children get a new start in life. To find out more about Ms. Margaret, go here.
AND there's a Contest!!! The "My Favorite Mom" SPA contest!
If you go here, you can enter your favorite story about your mom or about someone who is like a mother to you. What might you win, you ask? You could win one of two fabulous SPA baskets!! Margaret will be posting the stories on her blog, also (with permission of course).
OH! And one more thing, if you go and leave a comment on this post , you will be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of A Mother's Heart Knows.
To buy your Mother's Day gifts today, go here.
To read what other people are saying about this book go here.
I hope you'll consider getting this book for your mom (and other special women) in your life this year!
Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello and a Winner!

Hi everyone!

Hubs and I had a really great weekend away.

The Biltmore was beautiful. I had never been there before when the tulips were blooming. Aren't they beautiful?!!? The azalea's were just beginning to bloom but I like tulips better anyways!
Our Celebrate Marriage Weekend was great, too! If you ever get a chance to attend one, you should! Jay and Laura Lafoon, the hosts, are great and the comedian that was there was hi.lar.i.ous! really!
Our group leader worked incredibly hard to keep us all getting where we needed to go and on time. Thanks Lee Ann! I was going to add a picture of our entire group but, blogger won't let me. Oh well.
Now, I have tons of laundry and housework to catch up on today, but before I go -
I promised to announce a winner for the Busy Mom's Devotional.
My youngest daughter delighted in getting to draw a name out of her hat - literally her pink Old Navy hat.
The winner is: Kim Haylock
Kim emailed me her entry! CONGRATS Kim!
Ya'll have a great Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Away......sort of

This afternoon, I will pick my children up from school. Come home and load the car and drive them an hour down the road to meet my MIL, where they will spend the weekend.

Tomorrow morning hubs and I are going here for the day with a wonderful couple from our church who invited us to go with them.
I love this place. It is beautiful and I hope the azalea's are in full bloom! I will be taking tons of pictures.

We will then return home for the night. We will be at church on Sunday morning and then we will leave for this conference . Since our marriage counseling before we got married and some continuation through the years, we haven't been to anything like this. I am really excited about it.
Plus, we get to stay here on Sunday night!!!

Two of the best places that this particular city has to offer in three days.
Plus getting to work on our relationship, too.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend and don't forget to go and sign up for my giveaway. I will be posting this winner when I return on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Busy Mom's devotional - A Giveaway

Are you like me?
A mom with small children around who keep you busy? Or maybe you are a mom whose kids are older, who all have very different and very busy schedules, pulling you in all different directions. And then some of you even work outside your homes! Does this describe you?
Then this is the devotional book for you!
The Busy Mom's devotional is written by Lisa T. Bergren. She has written lots of other books so you probably already know her name but just in case you don't,here is some more information about her!

LISA T. BERGREN is the author of twenty-eight books that have sold many more than she ever believed. She writes a lot from the heart and in whatever category that currently interests her–from gift and children’s books to medieval fiction and Bible studies. She is a wife to Tim, an artist, and mother to three phenomenal children–Olivia, Emma and Jack. The Bergrens live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and worship at Trinity Lutheran Church in Monument. For more specifics on Lisa, see her Web site at

I love this devotional because it promises NOT to make you feel guilty if you can't get to it everyday. And we all know that Satan does a good enough job of making us all feel guilty enough all on his own. Matter of fact - it is written in such a way that you do one devotional a week. It is divided into the seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. When I received it, I began reading at the end of Winter and moved right into Spring. Lisa's stories about her family will warm your heart and you will love how she relates it all so well to our spiritual journey with God.

Another thing I really love about this devotional book is that at the beginning of every lesson, there is a box entitled "Things On My Mind". Because Lisa, she's one of us! And she realizes that as busy Mom's we have a million things going on in our minds at every moment. She also understands that in order to really focus on God we need to have those things out of our minds, so she provides the space to write it all down.

Think this book sounds like just what you need in your life? Go here to buy your own copy!

BUT WAIT! I have a copy to give away! Just leave me a comment and I will draw a name out of a hat. You have until next Monday, April 21st to be entered into the drawing. The winner will be posted next Tuesday, April 22nd.

Lisa will also be giving away 3 additional copies herself. All you have to do is go and sign up for Lisa's newsletter here . And then send Lisa a quick email with "I just enrolled" in the subject line. You can send the email right from the contact page. Lisa will draw names from those who sign up.

You don't just have to take my word on this book, either. Go here to see what other's are saying about it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Generation NeXt Giveaway Winner!

Congratulation to Lacy ! My middle daughter drew your name as the winner of the Generation NeXt set!
Lacy,email me at and send me your address and it will be mailed out to you!

Everyone else check back here tomorrow for another giveaway. This time for an AWESOME devotional book!

Lie's Women Believe - Book Discussion 2

Hi everybody. Karen over at the T.A.G blog is hosting this book discussion. Go on over and join in if you'd like!

Here are my answers to the questions on chapter two --

2. Satan knows that you will be more vulnerable to deception if you are not regularly meditating on God's word. What 'good' things keep you away from consistent study of the word?

There are many 'good' things that can keep me away. The T.V. , the computer, housework, sleep. But I also think that God does expect me to get my housework done and get enough sleep. I just know that Satan likes to make me feel guilty about it too.

5. From pages 37- 40 in Lies Women Believe, what are the four steps that take us from initial deception to bondage?

The first step is listening to the lie - just as Eve listened to the serpent we listen to the lies that we are hearing.
The second step is that we dwell on the lie -- We think about it, We evaluate it, We consider why or why not it is right or wrong.
The third step is that we believe the lie -- when we spend too much time dwelling on a lie it is easy to talk ourselves into believing the lie.
The fourth step is that we act on the lie -- Our beliefs produce our behaviors. That one is plain and simple to me.

7. Read Philippians 4: 8- 9. Why is it so important to be selective about the input we allow to come into our minds and to consciously choose to expose ourselves and listen to the Truth

This is my header verse and one I have pondered on and thought about a LOT.
Besides the obvious 4 step process above that leads us into bondage, I think it is way too easy to become desensitized to horrible things if we allow ourselves exposure to them too much.
Take for instance the girls in Florida recently who were arrested for kidnapping and beating up another girl and putting it on you-tube for anyone and everyone to see. To me that group of kids has been desensitized to violence.

9. What are the three steps that will help us move from spiritual bondage to freedom?

First, we must identify the area(s) of bondage or sinful behavior in our lives.
Second, we have to identify the lies that are at the root of that bondage or sinful behavior.
Third, we have to replace the lies with God's Truth.

11. Read together Acts 17: 10 -12. What did the people in Berea do in order to discern the Truth? How can we avoid being deceived and become more discerning about the input we receive?

The people in Berea searched the scriptures to see if what Paul and Silas were teaching them was truth or not.
We can avoid being deceived by reading and KNOWING what our bibles say.
We can become more discerning about the input we receive, I think, by simply being more aware of what we watch and what we expose ourselves to. Things, that while they may be socially and culturally acceptable, they may not be biblically acceptable.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Praises, Prayer Request and A Giveaway!

Yesterday the weather here was beautiful! So, we decided to go take some pizza's and go to the park for a picnic and some fun. Since we are at the end of a pay period our activities had to be cheap. Therefore, 2 $5 pizza's from L*ittle C*easer*s would do. My girls really don't care where the pizza is from as long as it looks like pizza, they aren't too picky. Just look at these happy faces playing at the park!

After a while at the park, we went to T*C*B*Y for dessert since we had a gift card. (Again a little low on funds).

These faces really say it ALL!

These are my praises today. The beautiful weather yesterday and even today and these people in these pictures. How much money we had to spend didn't matter! They had a blast.
We are also all very thankful for the "baby bwothr" that we found out about this week and who will join us all in late August.
And this is where the prayer request comes in. I'm asking you all to keep this baby boy in your prayers. We found during the ultrasound that he has what is call SUA. That stands for Single Umbilical Artery. Never heard of it? Neither had we.
Here's the deal. Usually an umbilical cord has 2 arteries and 1 vein. Obviously, from the name, our baby's umbilical cord only has 1 artery and 1 vein. I was sort of dumbfounded at the dr.'s office so I didn't ask a lot of questions but then I came home and did research on the Internet.
I know - I know - I shouldn't have.
BUT - I did.
This condition, apparently, occurs in about 1 out of 100 pregnancies (although, like I said - until now - I'd never heard of it.) When they find SUA, they automatically look harder at the baby's anatomy -especially the kidneys and the heart - which are two places that can be affected. Another thing they watch for is that the baby doesn't develop as quickly as it should.
SO, I called my doctor and he was nice enough to call me back. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned about it. He said that I will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to check and make sure everything still looks ok -- if so, they will just forget about it because as of right now (at 20 weeks) my baby's kidneys, and heart and all else looked fine.
I'm asking that you all will remember me and the baby and my family in your prayers as we continue in this pregnancy. Specifically, I ask that you'll pray that this baby will continue to develop normally and that he will be born healthy. Also, from my research on the Internet I saw that lots of people would have monthly ultrasounds to monitor fetal growth. So, pray for me that I would be able to really talk to the doctor's (not be intimidated by their title's) and find out why they are ok waiting to check his growth until I'm 32 weeks along. That seems a long way off to me. Just pray that God will give me wisdom about what to ask and what to push for, etc....
I'm trying NOT to freak out about this as I know they could have given me a lot worse news but you Mama's out there know how it is......I just want everything to be perfect and smoothly. And feeling and knowing there is nothing I can do about this situation is a bit difficult.
AND - lastly, don't forget that I am giving away the Generation NeXt set of books on Monday. I will choose a winner tomorrow some time so please don't delay in leaving a comment on that post so you can be added to the drawing! These are great books - you won't want to miss them!
Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

God's Amazing Ways!

So, we went for our ultrasound appointment yesterday and

It's a Boy!

Ya'll God told my 4 year old she was going to have a brother....How awesome is that?!!?

Have a great Wednesday! And don't forget to check out this post for a giveaway!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Generation NeXt Marriage

Generation NeXt Marriage is written by Tricia Goyer. And can I just tell ya'll that as soon as I was asked to review this book, I jumped at the chance. See, the X in Generation NeXt refers to us Gen X'ers and how we tend to relate to marriage. Especially since a LOT of us come from divorced families and those who are lucky enough to still have married parents still have been affected by divorce in their lifetimes. My hubs and I are both from divorced families and I was excited to see what Tricia had to say that would help my marriage grow stronger.

This book did not fail to deliver! No. Indeed, this book is 19 chapters FULL of great advice, statistics and even fun facts about Gen X'ers. There are even some comparisons to previous generations which are greatly helpful!

First, let me share with you a little about the author. Here is Tricia's bio!
"Tricia Goyer is the author of twelve books including From Dust and Ashes, My Life UnScripted, and the children's book, 10 Minutes to Showtime. She won Historical Novel of the Year in 2005 and 2006 from ACFW, and was honored with the Writer of the Year award from Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference in 2003. Tricia's book Life Interrupted was a finalist for the Gold Medallion in 2005. In addition to her novels, Tricia writes non-fiction books and magazine articles for publications like Today's Christian Woman and Focus on the Family. Tricia is a regular speaker at conventions and conferences, and has been a workshop presenter at the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International Conventions. She and her family make their home in the mountains of Montana."

So, I was asked to choose the chapter in this book that I liked the best and blog about how it has (or will) help my marriage. I can honestly say that there wasn't a chapter in this book that didn't have some very important things to say to me. And therefore, there is nary a page without green highlighter on it. One of the chapters I really liked though was called "Sweet Child O'Mine" and it isn't just because I was a big Guns and Roses fan in the late 80's early 90's -- any one else?

This chapter was all about how our children redefine our Marriage Partnership. Tricia makes the point that we need to have a plan with our spouses about raising our children. She also brought out something that as a pastor's wife I see far too often -- even in the church.

As Gen X'ers, we tend to be very focused on our children - sometimes to the point of sacrificing our marriages. I sat and contemplated this for a while. I'd like to say that as a pastor's wife, that I am very attentive to my husband and his needs. That I always have my priorities in the right order: God, Husband, children.

I'd like to say that, but I would be lying.

As a mother of 3 girls, ages 6, 4, and 3 and a baby on the way, it is very easy for me to get so caught up in them that I forget about hubs. After all, he is grown and can take care of himself. I mean, he did everything for himself for 33 years before we got married, for crying out loud.

But that isn't the order that God wants me to place my priorities at all. Hubs should come directly after God and then my children. This chapter was a great reminder for me to remember that.

Also in this chapter, Tricia also gives her "Top 12 list of the best things married couples can do together for their kids". I am not going to list them all here for you - you will just have to get the book to read them, but trust me. It is worth it. This list actually came from another book that Tricia wrote called Generation NeXt Parenting. I loved Generation NeXt Marriage so much, that I plan to get her book for us Gen X'ers on parenting, too.

Now, for the details:

How can you get these books? Go here! Right now!

If you want to read an excerpt from this book, go here. If you want to read what other's are saying about this book, go here.

OH, and to enter a FABULOUS contest - go here! You can win dinner for your and your hubs at your favorite restuarant just by sharing your story!

AND - a giveaway of my own (MY very first - I am so excited!). I have a set of Tricia's Gen X books to give away. Yes, I have both books - Generation NeXt Marriage and Generation NeXt Parenting as a set to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think! I will draw a name from a hat this Sunday, April 13!

I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did!

Faith as a Child

Yesterday, M my middle daughter who is 4, was feeling of my belly to see if she could feel the baby kick. This is the conversation that ensued.

M: I know it is going to be a boy.

Me: It is? How do you know?

M: God told me.

I then told my husband that she said that and he asked:

Hubs: "M, when did God tell you that the baby would be a boy?"

M: "I don't know, but he told me."

OH, that I would have faith like this.
Lord, show me how to have faith like this! Amen!

Lies Women Believe Blog Study - Week 2

Karen, over at the T.A.G. Blog is hosting a blog study on the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I have heard many great things about this book and am excited that my copy finally arrived and that I can participate.
Here are the questions for this week - and my answers.

1. As you begin this book study,where do you see yourself in relation to living in freedom? Do you feel like you are walking in total freedom?

I think that God has brought me through a LOT of things and that I have freedom in some areas -- but that I am definitely still in bondage in others.

2. Write out John 10:10 in your favorite translation. After you have written it out, personalize it.

A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.
The Message

My enemy is there to destroy all that God has for me. Jesus came so that my life can be better than *I* ever dreamed of.

3. What do you think living abundantly in Christ means? What do you think it looks like?

Hmmm. Living abundantly in Christ......I think that it means having the life God intends for me to have. What do I think it looks like? That is harder. I think that it is probably different for each of us as God does have different purposes for each one of us. There are some things that would be the same for everyone -- the Lord wants us to have joy in our lives and he wants us to feel loved by Him, etc. I also think though - that His personal plans for us as individuals may change what our own abundant life looks like.

My Memory Verses-

"then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free." Galatians 5:1a

Go on over and visit Karen for other's who are participating and to participate yourselves!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I have a lot of cravings during pregnancy. I tend to see a commercial on tv and I just have to have that! right! now!!!

This pregnancy has been no different, I do see commercials on tv and need that now but I have also noticed some other cravings that just all of a sudden come on this time without the help of the media.

One of these cravings has been a good, juicy steak. I think this craving is partially due to my iron deficiency, however, I have always enjoyed a good ribeye! Before pregnancy, though, I was trying to cut back to red meat only once a week in order to cut down on the ole fat. And, really, since cooking steak at home is never as good as going here or here or here to get a steak, I am still not eating it that often. BUT, oh do I wish I could go there for dinner. Ya think the church might provide this for Wednesday night feast? Probably not.

Another thing I had really given up pre-pregnancy was sweet tea. I gave it up to get rid of the extra sugar in my diet. NOW, I seem to have to go somewhere to get a half- sweet, half- unsweet tea from this place (because their ice rocks!) every day. I've already been there this morning for my large. It has become half/sweet because since I had gone cold turkey the full strength stuff just gives me heart palpitations.

A third craving and something I've never craved in any of my other pregnancies is fruit. I am loving me some fruit. Which is really unfortunate at the moment because it is barely April and really nothing is in season and tastes exactly as it should. But, oh how I am looking forward the summer months for the good fruit. And this year, I can say that is the ONLY thing I am looking forward to in the summer months. I've been pregnant in the summer before as my middle daughter was born Aug. 2 and I'm not looking too forward to the repeat.

My ever budget minded husband is just loving all of my cravings. But, hey it is only 5 more months til this baby comes. Not too long - right? Maybe we won't be in the poor house by then.
But, then really, who am I kidding? We pretty much have a foot in the door already.

Hope ya'll are having a great Wednesday!