Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pregnancy Advice? Anyone? Anyone?

Hey girls!
Let me just first say that I know this post is going to sound like a LOT of complaining and really I guess it will be -- so go ahead and stop reading if you don't want to hear it.

BUT - if you can take a little complaining, I'm in need of some advice.

You'd think I have this pregnancy thing all figured out. After all, it is my FOURTH time. But ya'll.
This pregnancy in just 14 weeks has been so different from all three of my other ones. And I an in need of some help!

First, I don't forget that I have had "the crud" that everyone else has had for the past three weeks. Including two different days in two different weeks that were filled with vomiting. I still have tons of congestion in my head and lots of coughing going on.

Now, here's the rest of the story.

1. I have had a headache EVERY DAY of this pregnancy. Seriously. And since I've had the crud, it has only offered me brief reprieves from the pain.

2. I have also been incredibly thirsty during this pregnancy so far. To the point that I wake up in the mornings so thirsty I can't hardly stand it. Couple that with not being able to drink a lot of water at once because it makes you nauseous, and it becomes a problem.

3. I already have huge amounts of pressure from this baby. I mean the kind of pressure one usually feels in their nether regions and behind area after the baby has dropped and is about to be born. Literally, if I spend my mornings doing house work, by 1PM I have to spend the rest of the day on the couch because I ache so badly.

All this combined and I am beginning to wonder if something is wrong.
Yesterday morning I called my dr.'s office to ask they thought I should come in and have my blood sugar tested because of the thirstiness and headaches.
The nurse asked a lot of questions about things and decided that since my blood pressure runs about 100/56 that my headaches probably weren't from that. She sent a note back to a dr. who decided that he thinks I am fine right now not to have my sugar tested but if I start having any of the "other symptoms of diabetes" that I should call back. Here is one questions -- what are the other symptoms of diabetes?
The thing here is -- ya'll know my battle with fear in the last year. Ya'll know that the devil is so using all these symptoms to really get to me. I am trying to BELIEVE like I am learning in bible study that God is still taking care of everything.
But, I am also trying to discern whether or not I should be calling the doctor back and just going on in since I don't go back for two more weeks.

SO, here are my questions? For any of you out there who have knowledge about this stuff? What do you think? Is it just fear or should I be more concerned and be setting an appointment?

Also, anyone out there with 4 children, is this much pressure normal the 4th time around?

Here's hoping ya'll can help me! If you can answer any of my questions, I SO look forward to some responses!
Thanks everybody!


nancy said...

Hi Mindy Couple of things come to mind. One if you have already had really big babies before that is a marker for diabetes now but I would think that the doctor took that info into consideration when you called the office. Also the pressure may be because the baby is big but also because you are coughing a lot from the 'crud'. But I remember that the pulling/bearing downward pressure was stronger after each baby (10)in all probably because of the lessening of good pelvic floor tone. I needed to space out the time that I spent on my feet each day. Lots of resting in between activity. BUT here is the thing I really want to say. If this was your first baby and you had had no experience then it would be a different thing. You would have nothing to base your feelings on. But this is your fourth. It is true that each one can be really really different but if you have been sick and are having bad headaches and thirst you should probably go in to see your doctor. He might order a glucose tolerance test. Some doctors give that anyway at like 20 weeks I think and then sometimes later too. Especially if you have had like big 9 or 10 pound babies before. OR if your babies just keep getting bigger and bigger like the first is in the 8 lb. range and then the next like in the 9 and then 10 and so on. The headache could be like sinus pressure or hormonal shifts but it might be something else and also the thirst could be that you are sleeping with your mouth open cause you have been sick as well. But the thing is taking care of us and our babies is what we are paying our doctors (or our insurance) for and so you should not feel bad to go in early.If there was blood you would be in there like a flash right? On the spiritual end (and I can really see that you are sensitive to the Lord and desiring to do the right thing before Him) the temptation to fear is something to rebuke and renounce of course.Perhaps you might have your husband pray over you regarding this fear. And unless your husband is against your going another way to see this is that the Lord is allowing you to know that the symptoms merit looking into. It is not sin to go to the doctor and have him/her check you out it is just smart. Why don't you pray that the Lord will give you peace through the answer that the doctor gives when you go to the appointment.And then if all is clear you can really rest and know that your symptoms are normal for a multiple parity pregnancy.

Blessings and praying for you.
Nancy (sister from the Oaks who loves to check out your website from time to time :)

Cheryl said...

I don't think I have any expert advice for you but i'll offer what I can.
For the thirst: have you tried to drink something like powerade? I drank it like crazy when I was expecting my lastone. (#3)
I think the pressure issue is just the toll that pregnancy takes on your body. Just take short breaks when you're doing your housework.
I will be praying 2 Tim. 1:7 for you!
No matter what, if you have concerns, call your doctor! Trust the instincts that God gave you!!

Deedra said...

I have learned something in my life, sometimes, unfortunately, the hard way! My advice would be, if you have any concerns whatsoever, call your Dr. If they/he doesn't do everything in their power to alleviate your concerns, I'd find one who will. The technology is there to be able to address any concern you may have and it should be used at any time to put your mind at ease! After all, you've done this 3 times already, and if you feel there is something different and it concerns you, it should be taken very seriously!!

Much love!

Wendy said...

I don't have 4 children, but I know that my third pregnancy was definitely my hardest. 1)Your body is older now than it was with the other ones so it's going to be harder because of that. Julie said Memphis was her hardest pregnancy and hardest recovery. 2)When I was so nauscious (sp?) the last time I couldn't drink water but someone told me they drank cool-aid. It worked. You still get the water, but the flavor didn't make me feel sick like plain water did.
3)Not only is your body older (and feeling the pressure more) you're also running after 3 other little ones. I felt Braxton-Hicks very early with my last pregnancy.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Cyndi said...

Okay, these other comments are FULL of knowledge, and I have nothing more to add except a big ole hug {{{hug}}} and to let you know I'm praying for you!

Sandy said...

Hang in there girl. I think each pregnancy is harder on your body. My first thought was diabetes.
It'll be over before you know it.

Bella said...

Mindy, I have 4 boys ...#4 was the hardest on my body...and if it feels wierd, it probably is, can't do as much for as long as you did with the other pregnancies, you have to rest more and get the dr to check you more...not scary, just cautious and careful...pressure was ever present, I was pretty concerned too.