Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Not that anyone is asking, but sorry I've not been around.
As the nurse said yesterday, I've just got "the crud".
Apparently - that is the technical diagnosis when the flu test is negative but symptoms are pretty much the same.
My fever is down this morning, though, so hopefully I'm on the mend.
I hope so.....been this way since Sunday night.


Cheryl said...

Well just so you I've been missing you! Hope you get better soon.

Deidre said...

So sorry you're not feeling well, Mindy. To be that sick and pregnant is the pits. Hope you feel better :)

Cyndi said...

Oh, get better Mindy!! I'll be praying. {{{hug}}}

Kelli said...

Praying that you will get better soon. Stop by my blog when you can. I have an award for you.


The Preacher's Wife said...

Hope you are feeling better???

My whole family has the junk except me...