Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Languages

HI everybody. I am FINALLY crawling out from under this sickness that has had me for over a week now. A couple of weeks ago now, I met with my bible study group, the VW's, and the topic of the 5 Love Languages book came up. As we discussed the book and different love languages, it took me back to my premarital counseling. Hubs and I were assigned to read this book and decide our own love language.
I can remember reading this book and learning about the love languages and feeling like none of them stood out to me as "the one" that was how I receive love. So, the next time we met with the minister who was doing our premarital counseling, he asked what we thought our love languages were. Hubs gave his answer and it was just one love language. I, on the other hand, said that I thought that none of the them fit me well and that I liked a combination of all of those love languages.....And, I do have to say that hubs - he really didn't like that answer so much. Matter of fact, I think his response was "You can't be all of them".

So, when we were discussing it at my group the other night, I told them that I thought I was a little of all of them and I couldn't pick just one love language. My friend, K, told me that she thinks I am quality time......hmmmmm......something to ponder.

As I have thought more about this, I still don't know so I have decided to ask ya'll's opinion.
I had planned on sharing with you all what my sweet hubs did for me for Valentine's Day anyways and it really was right up my love language alley. Maybe some of you can help with what my love language is after I tell what we did.

On Friday night at about 4:45 a babysitter showed up at my house and hubs and I left. I had no idea were we were headed or what we were doing, All I knew is that I didn't need to be dressed for a wedding or anything fancy. We drove up I-40 about an hour to the small town of Black Mountain, NC. We got off the interstate and my anticipation grew as I waited to see what was next.
We stopped for dinner at a place called The Black Mountain Bistro . This place was awesome. They had a wide variety of foods to choose from. A great date night place to go but also they had sandwiches and such for a family night out.
After supper, we got back in the car and drove a little further up the road to Montreat College.
I was wondering what in the world we were doing there , but I love surprises so I just went with the flow. We ended up at this! If you have never heard of Matthew Smith or Indelible Grace, you HAVE to check them out.
Matthew is one of several different artists in Nashville (Indelible Grace) who takes the words of old and beloved hymns and put them to updated music and some different versions. The concert was awesome! It was a fabulous time of worshipping God! Ya'll be sure and check them out!
This was one of the best Valentine's Days for me! A night out to dinner with Hubs (that didn't include a Happy Meal of any kind) and a concert worshipping our Lord together!
As far as the love languages go, I want to say that what we did wasn't so much the important thing. Rather that Hubs took the time to plan something for us to do.
SO, what do you all think? What love language am I?


Cheryl said...

I think your friend is right, quality time!
What a thoughtful evening that your hubbie planned for you!
Glad you're feeling better.

Deidre said...

Quality time .... but, maybe more of 'acts of service'. Eric knows that I'm happiest when I know he has thought something through or even considered what I may like or even planned something. It never matters to me 'what' we do, just the fact that he thought of it.

Lacy said...

When you take the love languages test that comes with the book it shows you your top two. I would say you are receiving gifts and quality time. My love language is receiving gifts and the reason is not because I want stuff from people, but it really means a lot to me when they think about me ahead of time and go out of their way to prepare a gift. This evening was a gift in a way and you loved it cause it took him time to prepare, etc. That's just the way I feel! Then, of course you loved the quality time with him, too!

My two cents:)

Anonymous said...

I think quality time for sure- he took time out his schedule to plan something that he knew you would enjoy!

Ginger said...

I'm definitely quality time & I think you are too. I say that because I think you are a lot like me in the fact that you need your husband's undivided attention from time to time - thats just what he gave you! :) Love you!

Cyndi said...

Sounds like quality time, to me!And, I'm going to say that gifts comes to mind, for the same reason as Lacy mentioned above. Also, you are so sweet to send gifts to your bloggy friends (and others, I imagine!) and we tend to "speak" the love language we receive. Just a thought. Great post! I love that book!